Sunday, 18 August 2013

A crafty catch up ... ! x

Hello, its been a while hasn't it but here I am back into blogland, and it feels like home!

So my feet are up and my laptop is balanced on my lap, there is a cuppa on the floor by the side of me and I am ready to catch with you all!!

So ... what have I been upto ...?

At the start of August it was Lammas, and to celebrate I made a corn doll ...

They are so simple to make yet so effective, the corn dolly is believed to have the corn king spirit living in it, it will be made from the last sheaf of corn. It will be kept until the following sprig to ensure a good harvest.

I have been cataloging all of my vintage patterns ... I didn't realise quite how many patterns I had.

I am thinking about do a few crochet workshops inspired by these patterns ... but first I need to make sure I am "ok" to do this, as long as I credit the original pattern. It would also be lovely to share these to a wider audience on my blog!

I am asking a few questions to find out if this would be "ok" ... I will let you know!!

And while I am feeling all vintage inspired at my last Hobbycraft session I was asked to make an item for the shop to display. I chose a pattern from the last issue of Simply Crochet ...

I love it ... it was so easy to make and the end result is brilliant!! I used Sirdar Sublime Baby Yarn, and from the two balls of wool suggested you can make four collars, I did two in contrasting colours and one all in blue and one is beige.

Oh ... and now a catch up on the dressmaking. It now looks like this ...

I was well instructed on cutting out the paper pattern and pinning the pattern to the fabric ... and then the cutting out of the fabric! Gosh I was nervous doing the cutting out ... I don't think I breathed while doing it, it was the worry that I would do something wrong and mess it all up! Once I got into it I actually enjoyed it. I just need to find the time now to start sewing it all together ... gulp!!

I have submitted more samples for the International Diploma in Crochet ...

This time I submitted samples of textured crochet, a piece of two coloured crochet without texture, tunisian simple stitch with a crab stitch border, a two colour tunisian simple stitch crochet and a sample of broomstick.

I love both tunisian and broomstick crochet, they are fabulous to do and so satisfying!!
The results came back ...

Textured crochet - Good - although unwittingly I did a starting row of a stitch too many!
A piece of two coloured crochet without texture - Very Good Indeed - Whoop whoop!!
Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch with a crab stitch border - Fine - I forgot to do crab stitches in the corner!
Two coloured tunisian simple stitch - Very Good Indeed - Whoop whoop ... and a little surprised!!
Broomstick crochet in fours - Pass - but with a request to resubmit, so I get to do this one again ... which isn't so bad as I loved it so much!!

I have also begun the next sample to submit ...

Its a triangle in trebles decreasing to a point ... I want to master the decreasing ready for a workshop I have planned. It sounds so simple, and I have been decreasing crochet for years but this is known within the diploma circles as the 'dreaded triangle'! The edges are looking straight(ish) and I have trebled into the turning chains ... but I suppose there is only one way to make sure its right ... it needs to be posted to Pauline!!

The other morning I awoke to a wonderful sunrise ...

Isn't it wonderful, the stormy clouds look amazing in the morning sun.

Anyway I am being distracted ... this is a crafty catch up ... !!

And so some crochet ... victorian style gloves for me ...

Now I want winter to come so I can wear them!

I mentioned workshops earlier ... well today saw another Learn to Crochet Workshop, attended by Alyson, Dot, Sarah and Wendy. Spookingly all attendees had a connection to the village I grew up in so it was great to reminisce and catch up over crochet.

This is the flower created by Wendy, it was a perfect match for her cardigan!

And this beautiful blue flower was made by Sarah for her daughter.

I think Alyson's confidence grew in her ability after seeing the end result of her glorious flower!!

Dot concentrated on double crochet, and made a fabulous sample. She had tried and struggled to crochet before the workshop and didn't have high hopes for what she could learn today. She concentrated on the chain initially, perfecting her technique and then tried double crochet. As she carried on with the sample you could see the stitches improve, and the realisation that she was crocheting!

She was so chuffed by the end of the workshop, and while she didn't make the flower I feel she did brilliantly and achieved something she never thought she would!! 

I have set up a series of more workshops also looking at increasing and decreasing by making bunting, snowflakes ready for Christmas, and granny squares as well as more Learn to Crochet workshops! See the workshop tab at the top of this page. If you are facebook you can keep in touch with me at my page ... please do go and "like" it (pretty please)!!

I have loved being in the garden recently ... not working, the grass is really long and the weeds are growing well!! I have been watching the butterflies there have been so many, it is wonderful and does bring tears of joy to my eyes.

I am hoping you can see all of these photos but I didn't want to take any out ...

And how many can you count in this photo ...

Sigh ... isn't it glorious!! I stand in the garden and the butterflies are flying all around me ... truly beautiful!!

I think we are now all caught up!!

bye bye for now, and I promise I will be here again soon!!


PS can I say a big thank you to all of you that visit my little blog and a big hello to my new followers, it is lovely to have you all visit!!

Remember to have a nose at my Workshops for Learning to Crochet, Making Crocheted Bunting, Snowflakes for Christmas and the Classic Granny Squares!! x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Just popping by to say hello ... !! x

HELLO!!! x

I thought I would pop by its been so long ... and I have missed blogland so much!!

All in Mooland is well and full of colours and crafting ... but the working life of this little Miss Moo has taken over ... its so not fair that working life gets in the way of all this crafting fun!!

Rather exciting though this evening I am off for a little bit of dressmaking ... do you remember this the pattern I brought and this gorgeous red polka dot fabric ...

A friend has agreed to guide me through dressmaking so tonights lesson will be the cutting out a of a pattern ...

And so I will begin my dress ... how exciting!!

Speak soon!!

bye, bye


Oh and a P.S. ... thank you to all of you who have visited it is so lovely of you to pop by and do say a little hello as you visit I would love to hear from you!!


P.P.S. There is only one space left on my workshop on the 18th August!!