Sunday, 30 September 2012

A favour ...

I was asked recently if I could do a favour for someone special, 'Of course!' I replied. I was then passed a box containing a Craft Collectables 'Sew a Cat'. I began feeling a little nervous, I don't do that much sewing, and I was concerned about how it would look at the end ... its that image that pops inot your head before something is tried ... and mine of the 'Sew a Cat' was of ears, noses and paws all in the wrong places.

At first I was filled with trepidation ... I was faced with many pieces a paper pattern and instructions, as well as buttons, orange thread and white cotton ... gulp! Yet when I got going I really enjoyed it ... the first sewing session was one Saturday morning while still in pyjamas and a couple of hours disappeared before I knew it! So, it continued and then finally last night was the moment I could finally put the parts of the cat together to produce the finished cat.

It seems so wrong seeing the cat in bits and so I spent last night sewing together the cat.
Slowly but surely the cat came together ...

And I just love Cat!
And I am proud of me too!
May I wish the reciepient loves Cat just as much as I do, I think they will!

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