Friday, 19 July 2013

A wonder around the garden ... ! x


I am as grown up as I can be ... I have a grown up job and live in a grown up house ... 
but Mom and Dads house is still 'home'.

This week I have taken ... to quote my Dad ... 'a tour around the estate'.

Sounds grand doesn't it ... well after all it was the garden that sold the house to my parents!!

This time I thought I would share a few photos ... so forgive this post as its more photos than words!!

Geraniums are so pretty ... when I was growing up Mom and Dad grew lots of Geraniums ...

but I really don't like the smell of the leaves!!

Just a few flower pots!!

A Teasle.

Mmmmm ... raspberries and ice cream would be perfect in this weather!!

There is a story behind this Cricketer ... he was still living at my house when I moved in so one week when Mom and Dad were away for a holiday he moved to their house. Well, he has stayed, he must have known he was onto a good thing!!

Such wonderful colours in the garden at my other home!!

bye, bye


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A little bit of boodling ... ! x

Hello, in the latest copy of Mollie Makes was an advert for new textile yarn ... Boodles! The name just makes you smile!! And Hobbycraft stock it ... so as it was my crochet demonstration there this weekend I had to give it ago.

Ooh look oodles of Boodles ...

Here are the variety of patterns that are supplied with the yarn ...

I liked the look of a Boodle Striped Handbag, although I thought it would be good to know whether one ball of Boodles could make a complete bag, as one downside is there is no yardage on the label nor on the patterns which is a great shame to work out what other patterns you could make with it.

And so I began ...

The yarn generated a lot of interest with crafters visiting Hobbycraft. 

Boodles do say their patterns use either a 10mm or 12mm Bamboozle hook, all the patterns provided said use a 10mm Bamboozle hook, it does make a tighter stitch which made the yarn harder to work with, but I still loved using it!! 

As you can see I use an pony hook rather than the Bamboozle,as Hobbycraft had none were left!!

And the results are fabulous ... 

And here is the Ta-Dah moment ... a completed bag!

I love it!!

My hands ached a little after, but this took me only a few hours and the finished result is lovely!!

Do have a go ... I will, with a 12mm hook next time  to see what results that produces!

Oh and the ball of Boodle didn't make the complete bag it was three rows short of the full bag, so my version isn't as tall as the written pattern.

Do have a Boodle!!

bye, bye


Remember to have a nose at my Workshops for Learning to Crochet, Making Crocheted Bunting, Snowflakes for Christmas and the Classic Granny Squares!! x

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Holidays ... the rest of the week ... ! x

Hello, oh my hasn't it been hot hot HOT!!!

I hope you have all managed to keep cool, and applied the suntan lotion if you've been out and about!

I am writing this post sat in the evening sun ... isn't it a sheer luxury!!

It's has been a glorious week, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my week ...

I spent a delightful day with my Mum and her friend from her school days Mu crocheting!! Mu had learnt how to make Granny Squares, but wanted some help on how to join them so with the promise of lunch Mum and I popped along.

I wasn't prepared for the mass of squares Mu had produced ...

The pile of granny squares right at the back we picked out for a cushion cover then all the rest will be a blanket. They are such fabulous vibrant colours Lucy of Attic 24 fame would be proud!

My Mum has crocheted before, so I learnt that day, but only got so far so she too picked up a hook and had a go ...

Mum said ... 'I think this is the first time you have ever taught me something!'


So,a lovely relaxing day with lunch in the garden enjoying the sunshine could only be followed in one way ...

Morris Dancing!!!

Aelfgythe Border Morris joined the Wytches dancing at the Coach and Horses Pub in Weatheroak for an evenings dance out.

The Morris diary for the summer months always includes a few dances outs at pubs with fellow morris sides, it is a good excuse for a dance, a drink and a catch up with friends!

This holiday I was able to catch up with a good friend, Bridget and I took a trip to Shrewsbury for a mooch about the shops. It was a wonderful relaxing day, shopping with friends is always wonderful isn't it! I have to recommend the place we had lunch at its called 'The Good Life' and is a wholefood restaurant and the food is divine!!

Obviously this holiday has called for the odd lollipop and ice cream ... 

essential on a hot day!!

Mr Moo and I spent a wonderful day in Stratford-on-Avon enjoying a bit of morris dancing (only watching this time!!), a little mooch around the shops and a picnic by the river!

The Morris Dancers were in Stratford for Foxtrot, an annual weekend of dance by Foxs Border Morris who I am also a member of. Spending the weekend with Foxs were ...

The Bunnies from Hell dancing Cotswold. They are formed by Cotswold dancers from many various sides who get together during the year to dance at festivals and other Morris events.

Exmoor Border Morris Side ... a side from Exmoor (!) dancing Border!

Clerical Error, another border morris side they have made their way from Flintshire.

And of course the hosts Foxs Morris ...

Also joining Foxs were a few other sides including Powerkegs, Mill Town Cloggies and Plum Jerkum. 

Mr Moo decided to head off for some shade as it was a little warm, and the picnic was cooling. We found an obliging tree offering the most wonderful shade.

The picnic was laid out ... and eaten!

Then it was time to chill out and enjoy the afternoon in the most sensible way ...

It summed up a week were it was 'ok' to kick off our shoes and relax!!

Happy holidays!!

Oh and here are the finished fishes from this months Molly Makes ...

bye, bye,


PS ... while writing we have had thunder and rain here ... but all the time the sun shone!!

(I did take the computer inside while it rained ... but I have to confess I stood out in it which was glorious!!)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Holidays ... ! x

Hello, I am on my holidays ... and what a week I have chosen for a 'staycation'!!

I thought I would share pictures from my week so far ...

Mr Moo and I took a walk along the river and to the poppy fields that are now gloriously in bloom ...

This field used to be a farmers field that has now a nature reserve and the poppies are natural, the seeds were dormant in the soil and are now allowed to grow each year.

Even though I live locally I have never visited and after reading Bunny Mummy's blog about her trip passed a poppy field I thought it was about time I ventured to this one.

A sunset view ...

So pretty ... 

My week has also been relaxing ...

And of course some crafty time ...

Knitting ... can you believe it!! I have practiced knit stitch and purl stitch ... and realised that they look exactly the same! So I progressed onto knit a row purl a row ... now I am thinking about doing a knit one purl one without matching the stitches initially but then will progress onto a rib.

(gosh ...I sound like I know what I am talking about!!)

 I thought I would have a go at this months free make with Mollie Makes! I will show you the finished item soon ... I only have one more fish to do!

Then there has been a drive out to Malvern and a wonder up the hills yesterday evening ...

The Herefordshire side of the hills.

And the Worcestershire side of the hills.

Which view do you prefer?

I was playing with my little point and shot, and this grass is at super macro!

We ventured uphill ... notice the colours aren't they beautiful!

And down hill ...

And as the sun began to set it was time to wind our way home ...

 But I couldn't help but stop on the way back to the car to take this photo of the wood on a bench we passed.

I will be back with more of my week off later ... so much planned and am looking forward to sharing!!

bye, bye,