Monday, 25 November 2013

A crafty weekend ... ! x

As well as enjoying oneself in Wales it was also quite a crafty weekend too! 

It was a 'Learn to Crochet' Workshop so the sign went outside ... 

The 'Learn to Crochet' booklets were printed out and the table set ...

And the cups and saucers were laid out ... and the cakes baked ... !

The Workshop this week was attended by Gill, Emily, Liz and Ann. They were all wonderful, and such a lovely atmosphere was created for all the crafting.

Ann's sisters both crochet, and she had never learnt so she was here to impress her sisters. While crocheting her sample of stitches she said she was "so happy I could cry!" ... that brought a tear to my eyes!

Emily came with her mom and had been told she was going to a craft fair ... she was a little amazed when she turned up a crochet lesson ... !! I think she did brilliantly she practised her stitches and progressed well.

I think they all did amazingly ... here are the flowers I captured from the Workshop ... aren't they wonderful!!

Here is Gill's flower ...

Here is Ann's flower ...

I love the stripy button Ann has used ... !

And here is Liz's flower ... with a fabulous spotty button this time.

It was such an enjoyable morning for me in the company of four fabulous ladies, thank you to you all for making it a wonderful Workshop to teach!! And I look forward to seeing all your crochet makes in the future!

And so the craftiness continued with Sunday arriving ... I started the morning with a lovely walk, which I will tell you about it another post, and then sat down and made Christmas Decorations!! I have recently brought the Prima Christmas Makes Magazine which has some fabulous patterns in it.

I thought I would make the 'Send it Santa' Decoration ...

So with my needles and embroidery threads I got to creative work ...

I am so proud of it ... I have even put a letter into it!!

I am not a tidy crafter as you can see ... to find the right colour threads the jar had to be emptied!!

bye, bye!! 


Remember there is a Snowflake Workshop on the 1st December, email me at if you woud llike a booking form!!


  1. What lovely feedback - it must make you feel all goosey! The finished flowers look wonderful - I'm sure your tutees are thrilled. Well done and keep it up x Jane

    1. It did ... so wonderful a comment!! Thank you Jane for the encouragement!!x

  2. Fabulous news about your workshop - I love all the flowers, the crochet looks brilliant - you must be a terrific teacher! ;-) I'm teaching the final class of my beginner's crochet workshop this evening (it's a 3-week course), and the ladies are asking if we can meet up once a month to keep in touch and keep projects going - I felt like you did with the tear in the eye! Chrissie x

    1. Ahhh ... that is fabulous Chrissie!! I hope this evening goes well ... !! xxx

  3. Oh well done, it must be so encouraging for you to have your students produce something lovely on their first session - which they did! Joy x


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