Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Yarn Bombed ... !!! x

I have a day for me, it was meant to be a day trip to Morecambe as part of my International Diploma ... but I have a cold so here I am sat at home with a hot lemon and honey writing my next blog post.

Its started to snow again outside although its not sticking!

So can I tell you my yarn bombing story ... its all about my second hobbycraft session but there was a little bit of yarn bombing too.

So, I spent Sunday in hobbycraft demonstrating crochet and it was yet another lovely day.

I sat in the Wool Aisle with a few notes of flowers from Attic 24 and Hermits Wish to start me off. The first flower I started was Becca's Spring Flower I hadn't tried this one before and it was really straightforward and such a lovely result too ...

Once complete I yarn bombed it in the aisle ... I thought it might make someone smile!

I carried on with the flower theme as I sat and crocheted, Hobbycraft were selling the book 200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments and Trims it is a truly beautiful book and so I started creating a few daisies and irish crochet rose ...

I met some amazing people while I was there some that had been crocheted for years to those that have only just started. One lady I talked to was making the most amazing flowers, she showed me the pictures on the phones, yet because she didn't know the names of the stitches she felt she was doing brilliantly ... BUT ... I thought what she was making was amazing and for me the key was that she was enjoying it. I know that knowing the stitches and their names will open a whole new world of new patterns but she already has the ability to create her own patterns!

I was amazed as well by the number of children that had brought their parents shopping for wool and knitting needles, there are a lot of grandmas out there who have passed on a wonderful skill to their grandchildren ... and they are loving it!!

My friends Soo and Zoe then stopped by and joined me in crocheting flowers ...

And more flowers were made ready for a little bit more of yarn bombing!!

I ended up making a number of flowers during my day which I thought would be good to do something creative with ...

And then an idea came to me ...

An Easter Wreath ... in the style of Attic 24!!

So I have started crocheting the cover for the wreath ring ... 

And I have brought a few extra bits to adorn the wreath and make it ready for Easter!!

I am so looking forward to putting it all together!!

While I was at Hobbycraft I put up a list for people to show interest in a future workshop and a number of people actually wrote down their contact details for me. Can I say thank you to them for that ... !!

I have begun to decide on a venue, and have begun to write some ideas down for possible workshops from the basic to the classic granny square theme to tunisian crochet ... which is all very exciting!!!

I am now off to write a 'to do' list for the next two days starting with the wreath and creating a page on my blog to record the crochet workshop classes ideas I am having!!

bye, bye,


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 12/52!! x

Hello ... can you believe it 3 months of 52 Weeks of Happy already ... doesn't time fly!!

Tea and cake with Mr Moo at the lovely Clementines ... Mmmmmm scrummy!!

A beautiful "Thank you" card from my first session at Hobbycraft!!

Another "Thank you"  ... Mom and Dad were starring in a play at a local theatre and I helped out front of house!

And finally ... yarn bombing during my Hobbycraft session this weekend! I will tell you more about that in another post tomorrow!!

Such fun and happiness!!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 11/52! x

Hello, here are my happy things from the week just gone ...
A beautiful cupcake created by Lucy and dished out at Morris Practice last Wednesday ... nom, nom, nom!!

A wonderful belated birthday present from my friend Mikey ... thank you!!

A spring hanging basket to great me each time I arrive home ...

And a bunch of daffodils in my front room ... bring the delights of spring indoors ...

A week full of smiles ...

and may your week be full of laughter too.

bye, bye,


Monday, 18 March 2013

A weekend flying by ... ! x

Hello, I hope your Monday went well, the weekends fly by so quick but I do hope you enjoyed yours, mine certainly was fun!

Its been ages since I have caught up with my friend Soo, and we decided on a crochet day, a chat and of course a little something to eat. The venue we chose was The Cob House which was near to us both and had a wonderful cafe ... yummy!!

They have fishing lakes and lots and lots of lovely animals ...

Including Alpacas ...

 Courtesy of The Cob House website ... especially as my photo of them wasn't great!! x

And a wonderful Cockerel ... and oh don't I have a story to tell you in a little while about him!!

Soo and I ate, yummy soup and jacket spud respectively, and we chatted and then of course we crocheted, while still chatting.

So here is me crocheting more of my Granny Stripe Blanket ...

And Soo beginning the beautiful poncho from the last edition of Simply Crochet ...

And of course there was yummy cake ... who can resist chocolate cornflake cake ... mmmmm!!!

Now, the story of the Cockerel and the Car ... my car ... !

It was time to go ... Soo had left and I was still taking photos of the alpacas ... and then it was time for me to go. Off I went from the car park but going up the drive the hens were on the road so I slowed to a stop to let them go which ever way they felt would be best.

Then, up came the Cockerel protecting his family ...

He told me not to move until all the hens were safe and sound ... and then when it was safe for me to leave he still had a few words to say!

Bless him ...!!

I would have stayed there as long as it took!

It's coming up to my next session at Hobbycraft so on my way home I popped into the store to put up my posters again ... 

A big hand drawn one to by the tills ...

And little printed posters for the wool aisle ...

All I have to do now is prepare for the weekend ... gosh I feel nervous again!

I spent the evening relaxing with a few magazines ... heaven!

And a few pick and mix for a Saturday evening ...

Nom, nom, nom ... needless to say they didn't last long ... !!

I was tempted into buying Love Crochet at Hobbycraft due to the lovely patterns I found inside ...

I love these, and they are on the 'To Do' ... but has anyone else brought this magazine? If you have could you message me ... I have a couple of questions about the shopping list for one of the patterns and I need a little help!!

And then to brighten the weekend even more ... a wonderful bunch of flowers from Mr Moo ... just because!


bye bye for now, and thank you for popping by!!


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 10/52! x

Oh my and what a week!

So here are a few of my favourite happy things ...

Baked Beans on toast with a cute little pot of HP Sauce for breakfast ... yummy!!

Bunches of padlocks on a bridge ... for no apparent reason!

Rooftop Views ... I love rooftop views ... !

Glass flowers in a window box

And can I sneak another happy moment in ... 

Windows with a fabulous view ... I love pretty windows!!

I feel the drawing pencils and pens will need to come out and play soon!!

Thank you for sharing my happy moments from the last week.

bye, bye,


Monday, 11 March 2013

February Mosaic ... ! x

Sigh ... a month full of such happy memories!!


A little bit of wool shopping ... ! x

Hello, could I ask a question ... 

When you go to a new town do you go wondering for the wool shop ... ??

Well ...

I couldn't resist ...

I went on a girlie trip to Venice and I couldn't help it I had to google it to see whether or not there could possibly be a wool shop ...

There was ... welcome to Lellabella ...

I had found a shop full of wonderful delights ... !!

The shop is in Calle della Mandola not far from Rialto and San Marco, perfectly placed for my holiday.

And of course I couldn't resist a purchase of delicious yarn ...

Sigh ... I know I should have probably chosen three of the same colours so I could at least have made something ... but I loved these colours!!

I will tell you more soon about Venice soon.

All I will say now is if you've never been promise me you'll put it on your to do list!!

bye, bye,


Monday, 4 March 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 9/52! x

Its a little early this week, but here are my happy things from this week ...

A jigsaw ... its been a while since I have done a jigsaw but I thoroughly enjoyed having a go at one this week!!

A fringe! I took the plunge and asked my hairdresser to give me a fringe!!

Marmite on Toast ... you either love it or hate it ... I LOVE it!! 

My crochet with Mellie Session at Hobbycraft ... I enjoyed every minute and am so grateful for those that joined me!!

I felt so proud in teaching a couple of ladies to crochet ... !!

bye bye!


Swaps Galore!! x

Hello, what a glorious Monday!

I have participated in some wonderful swaps this year, there was the All4meggymoo swap 'I love hearts' and then there were ...

Bobo Bun's Four Happy Things Swap ...

For which my swap partner was the lovely Lucey from Lemonade Kitty do pop over and say hello!!

I received so many wonderful things;
vintage patterns and vintage hankies;
2 Cath Kidston Pattern Books
What to look for in Summer Ladybird Book;
Buttons galore ... !!
A gonk;
A brooch;
and a cuff!!

And they all came wrapped up in Bunty and Comic Themed wrapping with matching gift cards!!

Oh and a confession ... in the parcel came some sweeties ...

but they didn't last long!!

And then there was the swap from We Love Lucy on Ravelry 'Small Pleasures' and my partner was Becca from Hermits Wish

The parcel travelled all the way from America ... which is amazing as this beautiful teacup and saucer arrived unscathed and I am sooo glad it did it is beautiful!!

The scent of the candle is Fresh Baked Cookies ... yummy!!

A handmade Appalachian doll ...

Cards from Becca, the postcard is of her beautiful county!

A toadstool Needlecase with darning needles ...

And a Lucy inspired flower wreath, which is now pride of place in my hallway ...

I feel so lucky to have received such wonderful gifts and made such wonderful friends ... thank you so much Lucey and Becca