Thursday, 28 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 8/52! x

Hello all, its been another glorious week of happy for me ...

Making a heart hanger for Mr Moo's Mum ... although I forgot to take a photo of the heart completed!!

Cuddles from Prilly ... she never used to be a cuddly cat but now she loves a cuddle.

Making Owls ... I love seeing their little characters as I make them ... yes I know they are crocheted, but honestly they do have their own little characters!!

Receiving swap parcels from the lovely Lucey at Lemonade Kitty and wonderful Becca at Hermits Wish. I will post about these in more details but thank you both so very much!!

I hope the week has been happy for you, and may many happy moments come in the week ahead

bye, bye.


Monday, 25 February 2013

Getting ready ... ! x

This weekend was spent preparing for my Crochet Demonstration at Hobbycraft.

So I put together a hand drawn poster to advertise the event ...

I hope it doesn't look too homemade ... but I suppose that's also the crafty point!!

And as you can see I also got a few business cards done ... thanks to those people that advertise 500 cards for free!!

I spent time writing the time and the date of the event on the back of the cards so customers could take one away as a reminder.

Then for the wool aisle in Hobbycraft I also made a smaller poster;

See I can also see how many business cards were taken too!

I have asked a colleague who is intersted in learning to crochet ... so I know I have one person to show!

The set up is going to be a few chairs with lots of wool and things around to tempt customers to sit and have a go!

I thought I would make a few of my tiny owls to take along ...

I have made 17 and will put them together during the week!!

Above are the owl's bodies.

Their eyes and tummies.

And buttons for the centres of their eyes!

So, I will spend the rest of the week busying myself in preparation ... and keeping my fingers crossed it all goes ok!

And if you are visiting after picking up a business card 'hello' and please do come along next week it will be lovely to see you, and please do feel free to pick up a hook and have ago!!!

bye, bye!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 7/52! x

My happy moments from the week ...

My Morris Mini Me!!

These were made for the whole side by Sarah, we all have our own personal mini me, the detail was fantastic down to the tie on Steve's hat, the stitching on Phil's shirt and Angi's plaits to name a few.

The stitching around the neck of my mini me is my choker that I wear as part of my Morris Kit.

And sneaking another photo in ... here is the whole side!!

Thank you so much Sarah I love my Mini Me ... and will treasure it!! I will be adding a brooch back to it so I can pin it to my Morris Hat!

My next happy moment was my charity shop buys ...

two of Kirstie Allsopp's books ... Homemade Home and Craft!!

Saturday was a crafty evening making things for the next two swaps I am taking part it, and with all that yarn tempting the cats ... there was a few playful yarn moments that Evans and I enjoyed ...

He maybe thirteen but the playful kitten is still inside him ... mind you saying that he is fast asleep snoring at the moment!!

Then finally, but by no means least we have a swap present ...!!

The fabulous Lucy from 'In the Sky' organised The Grand Tea Swap! 
And Gracie from One Saylors Blog who was my partner for the All4meggymoo I Love Hearts swap was also part of The Grand Tea Swap!

And so in the post came to me ...

A packet of Bi Lo Chun Tea ... a lovely green tea to try and I can't wait to try it!!

Thank you so much again Gracie!!

bye, bye for now!


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Be my Valentine ... ! x

Hello and much love to you all!

Me and my Valentine shared a bottle of Champagne and Chocolate Diamonds this Valentines.

Mmmmmm delicious!!

And as promised I would like to share with you the wonderful All4meggymoo I Love Hearts swap presents I received from Gracie at One Saylors Log ....

Isn't it a wonderful selection of goodies ...

There was a wonderful tea towel covered in hearts that will remind me of Gracie each time I use it.

And a beautiful fine crocheted heart on the card Gracie has sent me ...

A heart dishcloth ...

I think its too good to use so I have promised Gracie I will display this wonderful gift in my kitchen I will see it each time I am washing up.

Some magnets to go on my Fridge Freezer ...

And then hiding in the pouch a chocolate heart ... that believe it or not I've not yet eaten!!
Oops I mean we've not eaten ... I am trying to save it to share with Mr Moo, and as we haven't eaten it yet I am hoping it will last!!

So, with much heart felt love for you all, and with many thanks to All4meggymoo for organising the I Love Hearts Swap and introducing me to Gracie!

I will share the goodies I sent to Gracie when I get word its been received.

bye, bye,


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Yippppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! x

I am so excited ... I returned home to day to two parcels ... yes two!!
One was from the fabulous Gracie at One Saylors Log my swap partner for the All4meggiemoo I Love Hearts Swap!!
Its a fabulous parcel of goodies ... but I will share all with you tomorrow as I want to take some photos to show it all off to you!
The other parcel was the return of my last submission as part of the International Diploma in Crochet. I am so proud of myself ...

 These were the three samples I submitted in the order of top, left and right ...

A heavily textured crochet fabric for this I used a popcorn stitch ... and I recieved a 'Very good indeed'

A stitch pattern to include a shell pattern ... and I recieved another 'Very good indeed'

and finally ...

A piece of crochet in Chevrons ... for which I recieved a 'Very good'

I was a little concerned about this submission as for the popcorn and chevrons samples I had to increase the size as they weren't square. I explained this in the letter I always send with my submissions ... and was keeping my fingers crossed I wouldn't have to resubmit them, although I would understand if I did!

But, I worried for no reason and I am soooo proud of me!!
I need to do my next few samples before the end of the month ... as per my schedule!!

bye bye


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 6/52! x

Hello ... and another week passes bringing wonderful memories, love and laughter ...

A new book ...

Making little flowers ...

Thinking about Spring ...

Although no picture ... Mr Moo feeling better and our plans for the weekend!

bye, bye


Monday, 11 February 2013

A day indoors ... ! x


Oh my didn't it rain yesterday ... and this morning we woke to snow!!
As Mr Moo was poorly Saturday involved band practice and packaging up and sending off my parcel for the All4meggymoo I love Hearts swap ... I will share the items I sent next weekend so its doesn't spoil my swap partners surprise ... but here it is all parceled up and ready to go!!
I will also tell you about the box I sent it in too!!

Saturday also brought some exciting news ... but I will tell you about that later ...!!

Under the influence of 'Granny Chic' I have upcycled an Ikea chair.

The chair has been painted egg shell white which I have to say has transformed it!! I have drapped over it one of the tray cloths I brought in Hay last weekend and added to the seat a crochet doily I brought at the last Malvern Flea Market I went too ...

Its in my hall at the moment, and I am umming and ahhing about commiting to the doily and gluing it on and then varnishing the seat ... what do you think?

Well, onto my day in yesterday, in the morning I tidied the house from top to bottom still under the guidance of the fabulous tips from Thriftwood

Then my reward was a cuppa made with proper tea leaves ... Mr Moo brought me a tea strainer for my birthday so it was about time it was put to use!!

And was the cuppa was brewed it was down to some crochet time! From my stash I selected a few balls of wool to make a few things for the next swaps I am partaking in ...

Bobo Bun's Four Happy Things where I am swap partner with Lucey from Lemonade Kitty


The 'We Love Lucy' Simple Pleasures where I am swap partner with Becca from A Hermits Wish

I will share my creations when they are recieved ... I am so excited by them and am enjoying making and finding things for their parcels ... !!!

Sunday afternoon also allowed a little time for some Lego building!

Another birthday present ... I love Lego!! This time last year I was building the Lego VW Camper Van ... this was slightly quicker to build!!

And then onto some exciting news ... have you wondered into a Hobbycraft recently? Have you seen the posts asking if you do a craft would you be interested in demonstrating your craft?

Well, guess what ... I said I did ... and I said I would ... and now I am!!

I took my basket of crocheted goodies into my local Hobbycraft at the weekend to show off my crocheting skills ... they then booked a slot for me to demonstrate ... how exciting and scary all at the same time!!

I took with my ... my grace shrug, granny stripe blanket, the granny squares for my summer shrug, my pineapple shrug, a flower crochet picture I had made, my owls ... they seemed to like them!!

I now have to create some posters to advertise my demonstration, and some cards and maybe a few bits to sell too!!


bye, bye


Saturday, 9 February 2013

A trip to Hay on Wye ...! x

Today has been a drizzly day ...
Mr Moo is feeling ill the poor thing has full blown flu ... !

So ... I want to take you back to a week ago and a sunny but cold day spent by the two of us in wonderful Hay on Wye.

This has to be one of my most favourite places ... with books, antiques, books, wool shops, books, coffee shops, books, beautiful countryside and books ... heaven on earth!! 

And so a little bit of the day was spent mooching in one of my favourite bookshops in the town ... Booths.
Inside there are aisles of delight and promise of finds to be discovered ...

And comfy seats to sit and ponder your possible purchases ...

... but with oh so many books to choose from ...

Oh decisions ... !!!

It was wonderful to discover a yarn bombing as we were wondering around Hay ... Mr Moo wondered for a moment what had gotten me so excited ... wool of course!!

So here is a blog hop to the yarn craft revival blog ... there were so many others ... I was even in the Granary and didn't see one there ... of course they may have moved on by know but I am glad I found the one I did ... it made me smile.

And so to my purchases ... yes of course there were books and other bits that tempted me ...

tray cloths to get the granny chic treatment ...

A pair of 1940's crocheted gloves ...

And a crochet pattern book which I couldn't resist ...

And of course a couple of books were purchased ...

Meaning that the 'to read list' gets ever bigger!!

Now, for something that has been Granny Chic'ed ... 

For Morris we have to add to the back of the waistcoat that is part of the kit something created in a circle that represents something about us. I had thought about creating a Green Man ... but inspiration hit me on the way to Hay ... why not something to do with crochet.

And so a crocheted doily was purchased and last Saturday evening was spent sewing the doily onto felt and then onto the back of the waistcoat and I have to say it looks better than I could have ever hoped for.

So here is the doily ... close up!

and my waistcoat ...

So, if you ever see a Morris Dancer with a crochet doily on the back of her waistcoat ... 
it may be me!!

What a day full of wonderful memories spent with Mr Moo just mooching! 

bye, bye,


Thursday, 7 February 2013

A day for me ... ! x

Friday was my birthday and I had a day for me to do what I wanted and so I took myself to Worcester to explore!

I used to live in the city by the canal ...

And after having a mooch around a few shops I took a wonder down streets I hadn't previously ventured ...

And saw some lovely sights to photograph ...

Through the gate at the Almshouses ...

The Almshouses gardens ...

And down an avenue ...

I truly enjoyed my adventures and loved having time to explore, it may have only been for a little while but to wonder and discover areas that I had often wondered about was so enjoyable.

After my wandering around Worcester I ventured to a Garden Centre for lunch ... it was great to do a little bit of people watching!

And to remember the start to a lovely day ... a beautiful Gerbera to sit on my dining table in a new purple flowerpot!

Oh, there were a few pennies spent in Hobbycraft too ... but they are for a swap so won't share these till later ... !!

bye bye