Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A little bit of vintage ... ! x

Hello, what a busy and fabulous weekend I have had ... full of memories and wonderful times!

Saturday was my little bit of vintage.

It was the 1940's weekend at the Severn Valley Railway, its a wonderful event  ...

... with lots of people getting into the spirit of things and dressing up in various 1940's outfits.

What a wonderful scene!!

At my little local station there are always stalls selling 1940s clothes and this year I wasn't disappointed ... in fact it was better than ever!!

A local charity had manged to have donated to them lots and lots of 1940's authentic and style clothing. All at charity shop prices ... heaven!!!

Yes, I went a little mad ... three jumpers, one dress, two headscarves, an apron and some 1940s style sunglasses ended my shopping spree ... sigh!

And here is me all 1940'd up!

I love it!!

The 1940s weekend is always on two weeks on the trot ... so guess what ... I am going all dressed up this coming weekend and going to look for some more wonderful bargains to come home with me ...


And then it was time for afternoon tea at Gilly's (Gilly Makes), the sun was shining and the table was set beautifully ...

Gilly had invited fellow bloggers living locally in the Midlands to hers for afternoon tea, and a date was arranged and looked forward to and all of sudden here.

Gathering at Gilly's were Mel (The Patchwork Robin), Me, Sarah  from (Sarah's Pigeonhole) and Sarah  from (The Faerie Factory) within no time at all we were talking all things blogging, crafty and drinking tea and eating such wonderful cakes and biscuits for us by Gilly.

Do pop and have a look at their blogs as they are all talented crafty ladies from patchwork to crochet to little faeries and scrap booking of memories

Delicious carrot cake

Delightful chocolate chip cookies!


And here we all are together ... once fellow bloggers and now friends.

From the back theres Gilly, Mel and Me, then Sarah and Sarah at the front.

To Gilly, may I thank you for arranging a lovely afternoon, it was wonderful to meet everyone and I look forward to the next get together.

Bye, bye for now,



  1. Ooh,the vintage weekend looks great, and don't you look fab ... love the shades!

    Looks like a lovely day was had by all at Gilly's, such a nice lady!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. How great everyone looks outside the station. What a lovely and different way to spend your weekend.
    And I'm so glad the weather stayed nice for your tea at Gilly's, how lovely to meet other bloggers.
    Sally x

  3. I meant to tell you on Sat that I loved your sunglasses! The Vintage weekend sounds like fun, is it at Bewdley Station? Oh and did you notice that we're all colour-coordinated in blues for the pic? (Just as well my green skirt is hiding behind Sarah!)
    Thanks again for coming along for tea, it really was so fun to meet everyone :-)
    Forecast is good for this weekend too, so enjoy the sunshine!

  4. That vintage weekend looks fun and interesting :)

    Glad to hear you had a good meet up with Gilly and the other ladies, wish I could have been there!


  5. Oh you look great '1940'd up' - very authentic! What an exciting weekend - my daughters would have loved this, as would I!
    How utterly fabulous to have had the opportunity to meet up with 'the girls' and have such a lovely time together, and you all look wonderful!
    Joy x

  6. I am so jealous Mellie!!! It must have been a great afternoon meeting these fellow bloggers. I so wish I could have been there....grrrr!!!

    Love the 40s weekend. What a brilliant idea! You look just the picture.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. I love your 1940's outfit!!! Beautiful. And what a lovely Afternoon Tea! Looks gorgeous and fun.


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