Tuesday, 30 April 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 17/52! x

Welcome to my happy moments of the last week ...

Charity shop finds ... a lovely vase for my hall table and a wonderful bit of my childhood ... and Enid Blyton Classic!!

A delicious feast for Mr Moo and I ... a bolognese bake from BBC Good Food do give it a go!! I reduced the ingredients in two and there was still enough for dinner on Friday night and lunch on Saturday! 

Nom, nom!!

The apple blossom is about to burst through ... 
I am sooo excited as there was none on this tree last year!

And a 'Ta-dah' moment, my wash cloths ... they go so perfectly with the decor of my bathroom!

I am not sure they will ever be used, they seem too posh.

The pattern is Melanie Galloway's from Cosy Living, this pattern was in Issue 40 of Inside Crochet.

What a fabulous week ... and the next one is looking like it will be a happy one too!!

bye, bye for now!!


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lists ... ! x

So do you write lists?
My life revolves around lists ... food shopping lists,birthday present lists, flea market lists, lists for camping trips, for visits to friends, to do lists at work ...
places to visit lists, lists of websites to look at, lists of book both read and to read ...
Lists can be endless!
Lists are so satisfying they let you know what needs to be done and what you have achieved, some are neat others are quickly written on a scrappy piece of paper.
I have a new list for organising my workshops that I have been working through this weekend. I am only one day in and am feeling really productive!
Lots to do tomorrow ... there is a little distraction in the morning which is very exciting!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

World Book Night! x

Hello, do you love to read?

I do!

And so I put my name down to be a World Book Night Giver!

And I was chosen, the book I selected to give was The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier.

And so last week, while I was at the Dressmaking course 20 copies arrived for me to collect from the library.

World Book Night was on the 23rd April, but I decided to give my books out at Morris Practice this evening.

Here are a few action shots from our practice this evening ...

Sorting Hat ...

 Pershore Hankie Dance ... 

Twiglet ... 

Manning Tree ... 

It is all so energetic!

And here are the wonderful musicians ...

It was during the break the books were given out ...

And some started the book during practice ... oops!!

It was good being part of World Book Night and hopefully those that received a book enjoy it!

I have a few books left to give out, I just need to decide where and when.

So, if someone gives you a book through World Book Night, read it, keep it or pass it on ... but most importantly enjoy it!

bye, bye!


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 16/52! x

Hello, what a beautiful day, I am home earlier than usual the back door is wide open and I am loving the sunny evening!!

As promised, here is my catch up on 52 Weeks of Happy ...

My I take you through my 16th Week ...

I started a Dressmaking Course during the last week, its something I have wanted to do for so long so when a poster appeared in a local shop I booked some time of work and enrolled!

The first week was seams including a french seam ... and then we made a little bowtie!! 

I love mine ...

Sigh ... so satisfying!! This week we are starting a dress!!

Saturday saw the first dance out of the season ... it was a beautiful day, and we, the Wytches, were dancing on our own which makes it an exhausting gig ... but lots of fun!!

A row of tatters ...

On the evening I went to see Mom and Dad sing as part of the Mayors Charity Choir Concert. I took a little bit of crochet to keep me company at the start of the concert, and during the interval ... 

Very relaxing!!

It was a lovely evening!

And finally ... 

Now this needs a little imagination, but it makes me smile every morning as I drive to work ...

Yes, its a tree!

Have you ever spotted shapes in the clouds ... well this is the same but with a tree!

Do you see what I see ... ?

Everytime I look at the tree I see a little dolphin!! 

Now, can you see it?

Or is it just me?

Going from the left hand side there's the nose and the head, then through a thin body to the tail!

Sigh ... I love this tree!!

I think I should sign off now ... :o)


52 Weeks of Happy ... 15/52! x

Hello, and may I say thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last post. It had taken a lot of thought but I am so glad I shared it.

I thought today I had better catch up with my 52 weeks of happy I am a little behind so today you will have two weeks of happy.

Here is my 15 weeks of happy ... enjoy!!

I had another session at Hobbycraft at which Anne and Katie joined me. Anne had brought a flower pattern she wanted some guidance on, and Katie was making Bunny Mummy's Sail Away Pattern.

Many happy hours were spent crocheting, and I made three sails from the Sail Away project!

Oh and Katie shared with me her finished boat ...

And I am a proud teacher!!

Crochet during my lunchtime at work ... a good way to relax after a busy morning and prepare for a busy afternoon!!

This is going to be a washcloth from the latest Inside Crochet by Melanie Galloway ... !

My new teacup ... that I have taken to work bringing me joy with every cup of tea!!

And much excitement ... the first seedling peeping its brave head above the compost! Welcome little sunflower!!

A happy week ... and later I will share my 16 weeks of happy and then I am all upto date!!

bye, bye,


Friday, 12 April 2013

A letter ... ! x

A letter to a bully from me ...

Dear Bully,

There was a picture of a boy recently whose self asteem had hit a real low all due to a bully.

I know, or should I say, knew how he felt I was there once upon a time.

This is a picture of me at the age I was bullied.

And this is my letter to the bully of my youth, to the ones who brought my self asteem down and made me think I was worthless, but, thankfully I have held onto to lots of things I loved then about life and about me.

Why I was bullied I will never know, there were no punches or pulling of hair, but there were comments, and being talked about and being laughed at that hurt as much, if not more, than a punch would have.

I come from a wonderful loving family, a family that appreciates you for who you are and celebrates what makes you individual.

These same values weren't shared by all around me.

The hand me down clothes I loved were critised ... I still love second hand clothes!

Handmade knitted jumpers were laughed at ... now I crochet my own!

My music tastes were dismissed ... I love folk music!

It is amazing how this affects you at the time, I would make myself ill so I didn't have to go to school or if I was 'unfortunate' enough to get to school I would become ill during the day ... but always in time for Lunchtime so my Dad could pick me up in his lunch hour.

I don't know whether my bullies ever realised how much they hurt, how much they affected my own self asteem.


 I am stronger, 

I am more tolerant (I hope),

I am loving,

I am forgiving,

I am happy with who I am and who I have become.

Thankfully Mom and Dad worked out what was happening, they spoke to teachers, they spoke to parents and I gained the courage to make true friends!

To those that are now being bullied, you are beautiful, you are strong. Take courage and tell someone, your mom, your dad, a teacher, a friend ... ask for help and it will be there with love and understanding.

Thank you for reading, thank you for taking a moment, this is so personal but I want to share.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

In a moment of madness ... ! x

I have signed up to do a 5k run ... gulp!!

But its the cause for me is one that is so important ... its the Race for Life!

I have ordered the T-shirt and already started my training a walk run last night!!

So ...

Please let me know you'd like to sponsor me ...

Otherwise ... please cheer me on!!

I will update you on how the training is going ... as I do intend on running the whole 5km!

Thank you!!


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 14/52! x

Hello, well another wonderful week has passed by and from the week a few simple things have made me happy.

The sowing of seeds ... 

So the two packets of sunflowers and the sweet peas have been sown into seed trays ...

Which are all housed safely in here ...

I can't wait to see the first seedlings!!

The Nigella seeds will be sown straight into the garden along with Cornflowers seeds I have now too!

The there was a purchase at the bargain price of £1.00!!

A lovely new teacosy for my teapot ...

This weekend I spent a little time looking at old photos of me ...

So here is me ... from a baby to sixth form!! Note the heavy fringe that I have recently had cut back in!! It was fun looking back but the reason was to tell a story, one that I am thinking of posting on my little blog, one that may help someone. I'm still thinking about it ... ! 

On my ... its not as bad as that may sound ... although it felt it at the time!!

And then ... more sessions at Hobbycraft ... this weekend ... oh my!!

The plans for the workshops are coming along nicely with a few ideas already ... see my Workshop page!! I have a few locations set and ready to go ... I just need to make a decision!!

My happy week!


Monday, 8 April 2013

My Easter ... ! x

Hello, finally I thought I would tell you all about my Easter ... and have a little ta-dah moment for my Easter Wreath!

Here it is in the sewing together stage can you see all the lovely sparkly pins I brought to hold it altogether. I do have loads of pins already but these were so lovely and sparkly I couldn't resist!!

I had a few days off on the lead up to the Easter weekend so off I popped to my favourite tea room ...


For a cuppa, a tea cake ... I only remembered to take a photo just before I finished the tea cake! And a peruse of Inside Crochet.

My favourite tea room may also be a venue for future workshops ... yipppeeeeee!!

There was lots of crochet time too, especially as I was meant to be in Morecambe at my International Crochet Day ... damn cold!

On Good Friday we wrapped up warm and headed into town to see the Passion Play!

And what a spectacular event it was! The town certainly turned out for it, when Bewdley does event the support is magnificent!! The actors weaved through the crowds to get to the different stages around the main street. To share with you I have picked out come picures from the end of play.

Here is Jesus carrying the cross through town ...

And then of course Jesus on the cross. Even through I am not religious seeing Jesus raised on the cross did take my breathe away it was truly amazing feat of achievement! 

And the reality of the nails ... was a little gory!!


I was proud of my little town and the wonderful play it had given the people!!

On Saturday we ventured for a couple of hours to escape the house and get some fresh air to a nearby town full of quaint streets and lovely little shops.

This is a street known as the Cartway.

On the walk around the the town we found some ultimate yarn bombing ...

How amazing!!

Sunday was a quiet day the cold was not going so it was wrapped up warm at Mom and Dads where I finished Mr B. I love making toys and seeing them come to life as you complete them ... I know I have shoen him off already but I love him so!

And now for my ta-dah moment ... My Easter Wreath!!

Its now on my office wall at work where I can enjoy it fully each day and brings a little crochet joy each day at work ... I'm not sure what my colleagues think (yes I share an office) but I am sure they love it too!!

bye, bye,


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bloglovin ... ! x


 I have claimed my little blog on bloglovin ... so if you'd like to follow me over on the bloglovin website I have added the button!

However or from wherever you visit Thank you for popping by!!


On my Camera ... March 2013! x

do you take lots of photos to record and help the memories continue to stay with you?

I take so very many each month, and so many go without being shared!

So thanks to Heather at Little Tin Bird, I have be introduced to the idea of a month in photos ... 

so here goes ...

Day one of my Holiday in Venice, the view from my seat on the plane, the alleyway to the hotel, the hotel and my first sight of gondolas ...

Day two ... wondering around Venice, the canals, the museums, the glass ...

Day three ... Murano, the washing, the bridge of sighs, the Doge's Palace ...

Day four ... more wonderings, museums, a little bric a brac stall ...

Day five ... the last day a time to gather more memories and say goodbye ...

Back home and a wintry walk ...

And beautiful flowers and the promise of Spring ... 


March Mosaic! x

On my ... where did March go!!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 13/52! x

Hello, a week full of Easter happiness ...

Simnel Cake made by my Mum ... yummy!! Served on a plate I brought at the local flea market ... happy times!

My Easter Tree ... a twig from the garden that I painted white ... such fun!

And one of my Easter makes ... I am pleased to introduce you to Mr B ...

And sneaking a little preview of my Easter Wreath in ... this was all pinned and ready to sew together ...

Such loveliness ... I will show you it all soon ... I promise!!

bye, bye