Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Solstice ... ! x


On Sunday morning I rose early and made my way with Soo and Zoe to Stonehedge to meet up with a collection of morris dancers to celebrate the summer solstice.

It was a rude awakening, the alarm went off at midnight after only a few hours sleep, thankfully I had sorted my morris kit out the night before. At a quarter to 1am the journey to Stonehenge began!

We pootled along winding our way along motorway, dual carriage way and country roads until we pulled up at our destination. We wondered which direction the stones were in, and whether we'd see them in the darkness ... then as we looked to our left across the road and through the fence there they were in all their glory! A truly fabulous sight ... and I was so very excited!!

At 4am the car park opened, and at 4.30am we were taken onto the site ... 

What a wonderful sight greeted us ... welcoming ...

We danced as we waited for dawn ... and a ritual began ...

The feelings I felt being in the circle, being close to the stones I can't do credit to in words ... it was truly breathtaking.

And the views were amazing!

The morris dancing began, there were five sides represented in total ... Beorma, Foxs, Wytchwood (me!), Stone the Crows and Blacktower

Pictures of the stones for you to wonder through ...

There is always time for photos ... Soo and Zoe ... in disguise!

When everyone dances with sticks ... we do need to know whose is whose ...

Phils mask ... adding to the atmosphere ...

The sun was hidden at dawn ... but it did break through the clouds for some wonder full photos ...

The crows ... the bird not the morris dancers little home among the stones ...

More photos ... do forgive me!

And here is a couple of little me ... posing and dancing ... 

I feel privileged to have been amongst the stones ... I was honoured to be there.

Such wonderful memories ...!


Oh and while I was at Stonehenge the rest of the side were at Teignmouth having an equally fabulous time ... do pop over to our drummers blog to read all about there trip

Sunday, 23 June 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 23 & 24/52 ... ! x

Hello, Its time to catch up and let you know what my happy things are from the last couple of weeks ...

There was a Hobbycraft session where I made bunting from Lucy's pattern at Attic 24

I love this bunting, Lucy is asking for help to make bunting for Yarndale.

The Race for Life run ... here's me in my trainers, with my number and much needed refreshments ...

All ready for the warm up ...

And I ran all the way ... so chuffed with me! My time was 36 minutes and ten seconds and I managed to maintain a steady pace all the way round!

A trip to the seaside for crochet galore!

Ribbons ... I couldn't resist these vintage feel ribbons ... I just need to decide what they will be used for!!

So very pretty!!

Mmmmmmmmmmm ... sweets!!

Its always satisfying to know that there is a jar full of sweets in the kitchen!

And do you remember this sample that I made at the crochet workshop?

Here is the book that the pattern came from ...

And the extract ... it was originally created for the edging to a cardigan

It is so good to look back at the weeks that have gone by, thank you for sharing them with me.

bye, bye,


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A trip to the seaside ... ! x

Hello, ... I have been to the seaside!!! How wonderful it was too ... and crochet was involved too!! 

To explain ... as part of the International Diploma in Crochet that I am currently working towards, Pauline Turner holds monthly workshops so you can talk through ideas or problems with Pauline and fellow students on the diploma.

It was a wonderful, throughly enjoyable day!!
I awoke early and at 6.30am (!!) began my journey to Morecambe ... the roads were, thankfully, a lot quieter than I expected and thanks to the loan by my Dad of his Sat Nav I found my way with no problems at all!

I met five other fellow students, there were three of us on Part 1 and three on Part 2, all of us had been working on the course for different lengths of time, which for me was reassuring as I was beginning to think I was taking ages ... when actually I am not!

We began the day asking questions and discussing areas of crochet that we wanted to look at for our diplomas. 

Then we got crocheting!!

I began by doing a practice of a 'textured fabric using four different stitch heights' ... for inspiration out came the original text book for the diploma by Pauline! It was a wonderful book and the inspiration came from a stitch she created for a border to a cardigan with a mix of quadruple treble, triple treble, double treble and a treble.

I will have to show you a picture of the book and a picture of the page that inspired the sample later as I can't find it on line ... google has let me down!! I ordered the book as soon as I got home yesterday so soon it will be with me!!

To help us on our way we were fueled by teas and coffees and the most amazing biscuits by Asa of 'The Full Picture Takin' the Biscuit'!! Nom, Nom, NOM!!!

They were to die for!! Asa bases her biscuits and cakes on the Nordic Tradition and they are fabulous ... do have a peek at her website and be tempted ... !!

I then moved on to Tunisian (or Afghan) crochet ... have you ever tried it? Oh do if you haven't it is wonderful!!

It was so amazing to create this fabric ... I have a set of Denise Hooks that I thankfully had with me ... well I had thought that this was one thing I wanted to practice while I was at the workshop!

This is the sample I produced at the workshop, I lost a few stitches at the start as I didn't count my original chain ... but I rescued it a little on the rest of the sample!!

The right side of the fabric looks like a canvas ... and is a great base for sewn on crochet which the girls undertaking part 2 of the diploma were doing at the workshop! The wrong side looks like knitting using a purl stitch ... hence sometimes it does get called Tunisian Knitting ... but it is Crochet!!

Lunch was fish n chips ... more Nom, Nom, NOM!!

Image courtesy of Google

Anyone feeling hungry now!!

After lunch was ... Broomstick Crochet!!

Oh my ... now I thought I loved Tunisian before lunch ... now I know I LOVE broomstick crochet ... it is brilliant and the fabric it makes is so beautiful!

This was created with DK using a 4.5mm crochet hook and a 25mm knitting needle! 


It was so easy ... well easier than I thought it would be and I in love with the results of it!!

Before we all knew it 4pm had come and it was time to pack up and say our goodbyes. The workshop was brilliant and at the end of it ... although tired ... I felt so inspired and motivated it was wonderful!!

I had written down a plan of the samples I would like to complete to send in asap to Pauline, and my motivation and eagerness to finish the course is back!!

Thankfully I had booked a night at the Shipping Lanes Hotel on the seafront at Morecambe ... and after a warm welcome to the hotel I was shown my room and this view greeted me ...

The Sea ... and my own little balcony to enjoy the view from!!

After a cuppa, I ventured out for a walk along the promenade ...

A boat at sea ...

Morecambe Bay

An arty shot of the railings ... I love the colours!

I suppose this was graffiti ... but it was soooo sweet!!

Pretty pavements ... !

A pier where adventures start ... 

I wonder what adventure this seagull in planning ... !!

Pebbles on the beach!!

A discarded bouy ... I am not sure why ... but I just like it!!

And of course I had to pay homage to the man himself ... 

A legend on our shores ... 

Although you can't see it that well the steps bear the words to 'Bring me Sunshine ...'

And on I wondered ...

Another boat just bobbing ...

Seagulls ... but as part of gates to a play area ...

And my favourite boat of all ... 

Stuck in the mud ... but only while the tide was out!!

Me sat on the beach ... just admiring the view ... !

And then I ventured back to the Hotel ... to crochet the evening away!!

I started work on another sample of the 'textured fabric using four different stitch heights ... and you can watch it grow ...

I'm upto row three ... I had to work out how to make a fabric out of what was just a border in the original pattern.

I wanted the texture to be evenly spaced ...

And I am quite pleased with my sample ... so fingers crossed!!

And so to bed with dreams of all things crochet ... 


The next morning I arose refreshed from a goodnights sleep and eagerly I went downstairs to eat my way through a delicious breakfast ... and some crochet talk with the landlady Goldie!

By ten, I had checked out of the Hotel and was winding my way back down south ...

with a trip to Black Sheep Wools Craft Barn!!

Well, it is just off the M6 and as I was passing it would have been rude not too!!

And what delights I found inside ...

And ... I had timed it perfectly ... there was a knit and natter taking place ... so I grabbed my crochet and joined it ... and what a pleasant time was had by me!

I did a sample of broomstick ready to submit for my diploma ...

Here are the lovely ladies in the knit and natter ...

So, I maybe timing my future ventures to Morecambe to coincide a return visit to Black Sheep Wools to partake in the Knit and Natter as it made for a perfect two days of crochet!!

I finally made my way home ... and I had with me my memories and purchases from Black Sheep Wools ...

Oh yes ... more wool and more projects ... and knitting needles for broomstick crochet!!

bye, bye!

Oh my I have just realised I forgot to add photos of the scrummy cakes Asa made us for the afternoon refreshments ... feast your eyes on these ... 

Lemon and Coconut buns ... mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Swiss roll with a butter cream filling .... Mmmmmmmm ... Delicious!!

bye, bye again! x

Remember my workshops coming up!!