Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Where's the week going ... ! x

Oh my where is the week disappearing to?

I have so many things to share for my 52 Weeks of Happy!

Wonderful gifts in the post ...

Time with my little Sis ...

Makes for a swap ...

New blogs to explore ...

Brigids Cross ...

Flowers, leaves and pom poms ...

Sigh ... !!
I will share soon I promise!!


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Birthday Celebrations ... ! x

Hello, the snow has all disappeared and there has been glorious sunshine today ... oh and a little bit of rain!

The day began by making plans for a crochet workshop with a friend, which is all very exciting. We are going to test this out on a few willing friends first ... and then an official 'learn to crochet' workshop!!

During the next week its my sister and my birthdays, and so Mom and Dad spoilt us to Sunday lunch in one of our favourite pubs ... the fabulous Little Pack Horse!

The pub has such a wonderful atmosphere, and is home of the desperate dan pie! It used to be a 'Little Pub Company' pub and owned by Mad O'Rourke.

It was wonderful to have the four of us together enjoying some family time, good food and drink ...


Happy Birthday Sis!!


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 3/52! x

Hello, and its Tuesday again ... so to decide which things have made me happy this week ... or rather to decide out of all that has which 4 four things to choose!

Oh decisions!!

1 . Snow!! 


2. And as it was so cold I got around to repairing a hole in my favourite gloves!

I brought these gloves from Budapest a few years ago they are knitted and fleece lined ... and sooooo warm!! With this weather they needed repairing. This is the 'after' photo!! A friend had shown me how to repair knitting with a crochet hook ... magic!!

3. A new bag ...
Its for work, and I think it may almost get me organised ... I can even fit a ball of wool and part of the saffron cowl in for me to do at lunchtime!!

4. Listening to live music at the weekend

Photo Courtesy of Google ... The Hut People's award winning CD!

The fabulous Gary and Sam ... it was a fabulous evening!! Thank you guys ... yet again it was an evening to remember!

And this evening I am hibernating with some crochet!

bye, bye!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

My weekend ... and a little bit of snow!! x

So how much snow did you get where you live?
When I awoke on Friday there was only a dusting of snow and the roads were clear, so I got ready for work ... and then the next time I looked out of the window there was loads of snow, it came down so quick!
I took a walk out to the main road to see how that was, as my theory is if I can get to that and its clear then my journey will be ok ... but that too was bad!
I spoke to my neighbours who also work in the city and they had taken the decision not to go in ... so if a man isn't going to drive in it ...!
Fortunately, I had brought some work home with me so spent the day doing that, I did promise myself a walk at lunchtime.
So after a lot of number crunching I wrapped up warm and took me and my camera outside ...

A fleece, body warmer and a fleecy jacket, thick socks and my Doc Martens! Not forgetting the hat and gloves I was as snug as a bug!!

The main road into the town ... all I saw were 4 x 4's on the road!

Down by the river! It was so quiet!

And then the lanes. One of my favourite views ...

And of course the Oak in all her snowy glory ...

 And then it was back home and back to work at my dining room table!

Saturday saw another walk first thing in the morning around the lanes by me ... brrr it looks cold!

This little one seemed quite intrigued about what I was doing and let me take a few pictures of her ... she almost looks inquisitive!!
After breakfast it was a trip into town for supplies ... the usual  ... food for me and some for the birds, snow shovel and wool!!

So ... there were three balls of Sirdar Snuggly DK to make the Amelie Slippers in the latest issue of Inside Crochet ...

Three balls of King Cole Gypsy Super Chunky to make the Saffron Cowl ... I loved the colours in this yarn!

Oh yes and to bring a little bit of sunshine a few bunches of daffs!

The roads were so much better on Saturday, it felt a relief that I would be able to get out!! My road was still a bit of an ice rink but all the other roads were good! So I did venture out for a couple of hours, although I had enjoyed my walks I was feeling a little house bound so I went to see Mr Moo!

The roads also meant that Wytchwood could have a night out for Clives Birthday Bash with a bit of dancing from us and Belly Fusion and listening to Staff and  brilliant The Hut People ... a fabulous duo Gary plays an array of percussion instruments (he has 800 in his collection!!) and Sam on accordion!! They are worth a listen to!!

And now its Sunday, and it is snowing lightly and has been all day ... but it doesn't appear to be sticking as my drive is still clear, and I am actually hoping I will be able to get to work tomorrow!

The saffron cowl has progressed, I have completed two thirds of it ...

So just the last bit to finish and the sewing up!

And the daffodils have bloomed ...

And ... now I am thinking of venturing out for another walk!!

Stay safe and warm!!

Oh and before I forget ... I couldn't resist measuring it!!

 5 inches of snow!!

bye bye


Friday, 18 January 2013

A trip down memory lane ... ! x

Hello, which comic did you have when you were little?

I had Bunty ... 

Courtesy of Google

I loved it ... and used to hoard hundreds of copies in the shed at the bottom of the garden that my Sister and I had as a little den ... amongst the forks and spades!!

My favourite bit ... 

Courtesy of Google

She always had such fabulous clothes!!!

Although I can't remember ever cutting them out! I wonder what ever happened to all those magazines!

Ahhh ... I would love to read a copy again and take a trip down memory lane!

Oh my I feel a desire to create a collection


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 2/52! x

Hello, here's what has made me happy this week ...

1. The happy faces of daffodils as I arrive home on the dark nights ... promising Spring is on the way!!

One of my favourite flowers!

2. Completing another three squares for the International Diploma in Crochet

There is a heavily textured crochet based on trebles otherwise known as Popcorn Stitch, A piece of crochet fabric to include shell stitches and a piece of crochet chevron. I have had to increase the size of two of the pieces so fingers crossed!!

3. Baking at the weekend ... yummy!!

Can I sneak another happy moment ... the plate ... I love it !!!

And even though I am looking forward to Spring ...

4. the wonderful frosty mornings we are having ... except for the nasty black ice on the roads ... oooh it was scary!!

Sigh ... what a wonderful week ... and lots of happy things!!

bye, bye


Sunday, 13 January 2013

It's Sunday! x

Hello, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!
Its Sunday once more and the sun is shining after a beautifully frosty morning.

This weekend has been a creative one with memory jars and jellyfish (I will explain!!) a little bit of wassailing, and once I have finished blogging I will be continuing with a few samples from the Diploma! Oh and I have started to run again it felt wonderful to be out again this morning.

And so the memory jars ...

 I have created these memory jars for friends for them to record favourite moments from 2013. I have enjoyed putting them together, I gave B's her memory jar this morning when she popped in for a visit and she loved hers ... !!

I can't wait to see what gets put into these jars ... !!

Did you watch Kirsties Vintage Home before Christmas? The one with the crochet included where she got the terminology all mixed up with knitting ... cast on, needles ... grrr! Well, they were making freeform jellyfish Mr Moo loved them and ordered one in blue ...

I love the variegated yarn ... it looks watery! 

The pattern is really easy just rows of double crochet increasing by two each round ...

 And the tentacles are just rows of chains tied into the body of the jellyfish ... and it took no time at all to make.

Mr Moo loved the jellyfish ... I wonder where it will hang!

Last night I went to another Wassail held by Foxs Morris, it was a beautiful cold evening ... unfortunately the battery on my camera lost all its charge on the first shot I tried to take so here are a few from last year ...

These are the fabulous Rhubarb Tarts from Wakefield

Wassailing of an apple tree ...

Getting ready for the light parade.

Gosh it was so cold last night I wasn't at all surprised to see the frost this morning. It was fabulous watching the wassail events in the background for a change as usually I am taking part.

And so the frosty morning today and my run ... I did stop to take a few photos along the way ...

My favourite oak tree on a frosty morning with a beautiful sky.

The first signs of spring .. warms the heart!

A beautiful sunrise over the houses.

And then over the town!

I ran ... with a little bit of walking for over half and hour and felt so good when I arrived home for breakfast. I am planning to run twice in the week and then again at the weekend!

My aim ... to get fitter and trimmer!!

So when I baked today it was a healthier version of carrot cake ...

Which was declared 'Delicious' when B had a slice with a cup of tea this morning!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

bye bye 


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Yarndale ... how exciting!!! x

Sometimes you find yourself reading a blog post that is just so exciting ...

I love Lucy's blog Attic 24 and follow her on both Ravelry and Facebook as well, her patterns have been a source of inspiration and have seen me start the Granny Stripe Blanket ...

And to purchase a couple of Stylecraft Lucy Packs ...

So imagine my excitment when Lucy introduced Yarndale ...

Photo reproduced with the permission of Lucy at Attic 24 (Thank you!! x)

This is the wonderful idea of a Knit and Natter group Lucy goes to each Thursday Morning ... and while they knitted the natter created Yarndale ... a festival of creativity, celebrating all things woollly and wonderful!

Sigh ... me thinks its going to be a little bit of heaven!!

The beautiful sheep was created from squares knitted and crocheted by the group with Lucy creating the head ... read all about it at Attic 24

Each time I think about Yarndale I feel my excitement rising ... yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Well done girls ... I know its going to be a wonderful event ... a friend and I are already planning our trip to it ... I hope to see you there too!!

Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to this ... !!


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 1/52 x

Here goes my first week of my 52 Weeks of Happy!!

1) The beginning of a new Wassail tradition in my little town ... and the Morris Dancing that went with it too

2) Enjoying my little crafty space at home ... having all my wonderful crafty things near by me filling me with inspiration for some wonderful projects in 2013

3) Me and the girlies going bargain hunting at the Flea and Collectibles Fair.

4) Sharing in some wonderfully delicious crumpets made by Zoe

Oh such simple photos but some wonderful memories for the first week of 2013!


I hope your first week of the year has been equally as fabulous!!


Sunday, 6 January 2013

All things vintage ... ! x

Hello, its been a trip to my favourite flea and collectibles, it is such a wonderful may to spend a Sunday morning.

So may I share a few of my photos from my mooching at the fair.

I just love chairs and cushions ... and that bright yellow bread bin is wonderful!! The one thing about these fairs is there is always so many things I love ... !

 I loved the copper kettle, and books galore, beautiful linens, and wonderful signs, colourful knitted socks and Hovis tins ... a wonderful french tea set ... and an array of cottons!

 And so many baskets and materials to tempt any girl ... !!

Bottles from an older era, wonderful railway signs ... and for when the snow comes a few sledges!

While I was at the fair I went to say "hello" to  Jo from White Elephant Vintage ...

Photo courtesy of Jo at White Elephant Vintage

While at Jo's stall I purchased a two beautiful teacup trios to add to my ever growing collection!

These weren't my only purchases ...

 There were a number of crochet doilies ... I couldn't resist the pink ones ...!

The crochet bag is shown better in these photos
When I returned from the fair I had lunch of homemade crumpets made by Zoe ...

They were absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing Zoe!!

Yesterday, Pretty Nostalgic was delivered to me ... a truly fabulous magazine

The following makes me think of the morning I have had today ...

And the third book along in the library "Wearable Vintage Fashion" is by the owners of one of my favourite shops ...

 And I think this has been written for me ...

And vintage fairs ... sigh!

 I'm off to relax a little more ... a bit of reading and some crochet me thinks.

bye, bye.