Saturday, 15 February 2014

Spreading a little love ... ! x

Hello all,
I hope you are staying safe and dry in this horrible weather we are having in little old blightly!! Hasn't it beenawful ... my heart goes out to all those affected by the flooding, and I hope things get back to normal soon!!

This weekend for me brought a session crocheting at Hobbycraft, and it was only when I got to the store I  realised that I had gone so very unprepared ... "what could I do while I was there" ... ? Then inspiration hit, and the realisation that valentines day was at the end of the week. So I thought I could crochet hearts ... but how with no pattern to hand? I did search through a few of the crochet books that the store stocked but couldn't find anything small and simple to make.

So ... I had to create my own little heart ... and to spread the love I want to share it with you.

The pattern is written using English terminology for this pattern;

dc - Double Crochet
hdc - Half Double Crochet
tr - Treble
sl st - Slip Stitch

So to start the heart chain 2

Into the first chain crochet 10dc

Now you create the shape of the heart.

Starting in the first dc of the previous round dc, into next stitch 4tr, htr, 2dc, into the same stitch to create the point of the heart dc 2 chain dc, 

then to create the other half of the heart 2dc, htr, into same stitch 4tr, sl st to first dc of round

and then fasten off and sew in the ends ...

As I made the hearts I was giving them to the customers that came to chat to me, spreading a little bit of woolly love!

These little hearts fit nicely into cards, purses and wallets ... or maybe a small picture frame!

Have fun spreading the woolly love!!

bye, bye.



  1. Great tutorial , thanks for sharing , wished you lived nearer then I would come to hobby craft in Sheffield to share your crochet goodness

  2. Thank you for the - that's the neatest and sweetest heart I've seen, can't wait to try it! :-) Chrissie x

  3. Great idea giving those lovely harts to your customers...I bet they loved them!

    Neat pattern...thanks for sharing!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Cute hearts indeed! Let me know when next you're "in-store" and I'll pop in. I always think of you when I'm perusing the woolly aisle at HC :-)
    Enjoy the sunshine today and hope the river's not too high out your way.

  5. Thanks for sharing the cute little heart love that expression spreading the wooly love.
    Clare x

  6. Thanks from me as well, Mellie. I have all the hearts you sent me last year displayed around my room, and I hope to finally get around to making a pillow with the heart material you sent me. I think you are very clever and generous to have worked out the heart design you shared in this post tutorial! xx

  7. These are really lovely, thank you for sharing this tutorial with us. I totally failed to do any kind of Valentines' decorating this year but I would love a little string of those hearts, very cute. x

  8. Sweet! Thanks for sharing XOX

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