Tuesday, 12 March 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 10/52! x

Oh my and what a week!

So here are a few of my favourite happy things ...

Baked Beans on toast with a cute little pot of HP Sauce for breakfast ... yummy!!

Bunches of padlocks on a bridge ... for no apparent reason!

Rooftop Views ... I love rooftop views ... !

Glass flowers in a window box

And can I sneak another happy moment in ... 

Windows with a fabulous view ... I love pretty windows!!

I feel the drawing pencils and pens will need to come out and play soon!!

Thank you for sharing my happy moments from the last week.

bye, bye,



  1. Wow! I love the glass flowers! What a wonderful idea!

  2. What beautiful images! So many unusual and interesting things in your local landscape.

    I always think of beans on toast as a lunch dish but I bet it's just as tasty at breakfast time.

    Gillian x

  3. Ahh how cute is that jar of HP sauce? Weeny! I don't know why but I'm a sucker for tiny (or giant) versions of normal products. Novelty value I suppose. Love the view over the rooftops too!
    Heather @littletinbird xxx


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