Monday, 18 March 2013

A weekend flying by ... ! x

Hello, I hope your Monday went well, the weekends fly by so quick but I do hope you enjoyed yours, mine certainly was fun!

Its been ages since I have caught up with my friend Soo, and we decided on a crochet day, a chat and of course a little something to eat. The venue we chose was The Cob House which was near to us both and had a wonderful cafe ... yummy!!

They have fishing lakes and lots and lots of lovely animals ...

Including Alpacas ...

 Courtesy of The Cob House website ... especially as my photo of them wasn't great!! x

And a wonderful Cockerel ... and oh don't I have a story to tell you in a little while about him!!

Soo and I ate, yummy soup and jacket spud respectively, and we chatted and then of course we crocheted, while still chatting.

So here is me crocheting more of my Granny Stripe Blanket ...

And Soo beginning the beautiful poncho from the last edition of Simply Crochet ...

And of course there was yummy cake ... who can resist chocolate cornflake cake ... mmmmm!!!

Now, the story of the Cockerel and the Car ... my car ... !

It was time to go ... Soo had left and I was still taking photos of the alpacas ... and then it was time for me to go. Off I went from the car park but going up the drive the hens were on the road so I slowed to a stop to let them go which ever way they felt would be best.

Then, up came the Cockerel protecting his family ...

He told me not to move until all the hens were safe and sound ... and then when it was safe for me to leave he still had a few words to say!

Bless him ...!!

I would have stayed there as long as it took!

It's coming up to my next session at Hobbycraft so on my way home I popped into the store to put up my posters again ... 

A big hand drawn one to by the tills ...

And little printed posters for the wool aisle ...

All I have to do now is prepare for the weekend ... gosh I feel nervous again!

I spent the evening relaxing with a few magazines ... heaven!

And a few pick and mix for a Saturday evening ...

Nom, nom, nom ... needless to say they didn't last long ... !!

I was tempted into buying Love Crochet at Hobbycraft due to the lovely patterns I found inside ...

I love these, and they are on the 'To Do' ... but has anyone else brought this magazine? If you have could you message me ... I have a couple of questions about the shopping list for one of the patterns and I need a little help!!

And then to brighten the weekend even more ... a wonderful bunch of flowers from Mr Moo ... just because!


bye bye for now, and thank you for popping by!!



  1. Sounds like a fab weekend you had! Love your granny stripe blankie too. Good luck for your Hobbycraft workshop, I'm sure it'll go well.
    Have a great week,

  2. What a lovely weekend. Chickens and cockerels really make me smile - so full of personality ( sometimes bordering on the cheeky!) Well done for doing some more tutoring - I'm sure you'll have a great time x Jane

  3. I enjoyed your weekend so much, Mellie :-) Thanks for sharing it with me. I am imagining you having another happy Hobbycraft time, sharing a skill you love.

  4. Alpacas, cornflake cakes and pic'n'mix, great stuff! Your blanket is looking great and the cardigan on the left of the crochet patterns looks lovely. Sarah

  5. Looks a lovely day out. I hope you have another lovely Hobbycraft day. Love the story about the Cockerel. I have that magazine, I don't know if I can help but I can certainly try ( ) Gorgeous crochet from you too, love the little owls.


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