Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A little bit hippie ... ! x

I spent this weekend camping at a wonderful little gathering in Warwickshire, it was good to get away from the routine of life and have a little time for me to relax and chill out ... a lot of that was thanks to a little bit of meditation and tibetian singing bowl bathing over the weekend ... !!

As I was planning my break away, I remembered the summer edition of Simply Crochet and the barefoot sandals and gorgeous headdress ... so I had to make!!

Unfortunately, I didn't wear the sandals as to get from the campsite to the events field you had to walk along a dusty path!

But ... the headdress was worn on occasions, and it got some great comments too!

As with any festival, there are always so many tempting stalls to buy such wonderful goodies!! And I was tempted by this beautiful velvet coat ... a bargain at £8.00!! It looks amazing on, and I do feel a little bit of upcycling will be required ... maybe a big crocheted flower me thinks!!

And from the same stall ...

... this wonderful upcycled skirt, I fell in love with the details of the buttons and the lace!

Oh and while I think about it the next item purchased was also from the same stall (!!!), it was a wonderful stall full of lots of upcycled clothing, items ready to be upcycled, beautiful jewelry and crockery!

So ... when I saw this trio for sale and heard its cries of 'bye me, bye me' I had to oblige!!

And so after a relaxing weekend, yesterday saw me returning to reality and catching up with all those weekend jobs, there were a couple of parcels to post ( I will tell you about these another time once the recipients have recieved them!!), washing to be done, and a home to tidy. 

Yet, it was also time to catch up with a few magazines too ... so on the sofa I sat with a mug of tea and the cats to read!


What a fabulous weekend!

I am looking forward to the gathering next year!!

bye, bye,


Remember to have a nose at my Workshops for Learning to Crochet, Making Crocheted Bunting, Snowflakes for Christmas and the Classic Granny Squares!! x


  1. Sounds like a wonderful get together, so many festival on last weekend. Such wonderful finds as well, I love the crochet footless sandles and flower garland head dress so pretty. Makes my inner hippy very smiley indeed, I do miss being well enough to go to many frstivals, I find it hard to believe that this time last year I was just about well enough to perform at a festival.
    Clare x

  2. That does sound like fun, though pray do enlighten me: what's a Tibetian singing bowl bath?!
    Love your pretty crochets and what great finds... fab coat and oh-so-pretty skirt - well done you!
    Have a happy week,

    1. Tibetian Singing Bowl Bathing is basically meditating as a singing bowl is being played and letting the sounds wash over you. It is very relaxing and I was in a dreamlike state for the rest of the day. xx

  3. Ooooh yes, lovely crochet brooch, just the job! Please show when it's done! :) x

  4. Sounds beautiful ^_^ Love your sandals and head dress!

  5. What a great time you've had! Meditation and bargain buys - I can't imagine much that could be more restorative...! Love the coat - maybe some lovely crocheted buttons? Chrissie x

    1. Ooooooh crocheted buttons what a fabulous idea! x

  6. Oh I would have so loved the meditation and Tibetan bowls - how wonderful - and didn't you find some lovely treasures! I love your daisy chain headdress and sandals - how clever you are!
    Joy x

  7. I loved seeing your last few posts...catching up on your news :) Good for you in your international crochet work, as well as your pretty projects [I especially liked your collar and your daisy chain!]. You found such pretty clothes and dishes to purchase, too. I loved the pretty photo you got of the clouds as well! My sister and I really enjoyed the beautiful sights we saw driving back and forth during the last three weeks, too. Yea for summer!
    Gracie xx

  8. A very hippie weekend, loving your new clothes and crocks, and your crochet. My oldest daughter would like that headdress. See yousoon x


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