Sunday, 19 February 2012

Its been sometime ... but I have been busy ... honestly!! x

Well, the intention was, when I set up this blog, to post regularly ... but other things such as crocheting get in the way!!!

Christmas presents were finished and distributed (well almost all of them!!) and all hopefully were well recieved.

My sisters shrug turned out fantastic, although I was finishing it still on Christmas eve, mainly just sewing in the ends and on the buttons. I have since given all the materials for a lovely blue shrug to my best friend Soo for her birthday ... she can crochet but wants to learn to follow a pattern and as I got a hint that she would love this shrug I thought what a better way to learn how to read those patterns!!! I have promised to take her through the pattern, I am not so cruel as to leave her with it to master herself ... and that way I thought I could also be crocheting a shrug all for myself ... in pink too me thinks!!

Other Christmas presents I did ... well ... the posy scarf all finished off too here is a little photo of the finished product ...

The flowers are huge , but it is so warm ... perfect for those cold winter days.

So, whatelse have I been doing with my time, well if I am honest the work I am doing (or not doing) on the International Diploma in Crochet has ground to a stop!! I have picked up the squares again and have started off on the double crochet rib, so now I just need to keep the work going on this one! I discovered the beauty of ribbing on the shrug I did for my sister ... and the effect was fantastic ... so am loving doing this square!!

To help with focusing my mind, and make my home feel a little tidier I have sorted out my smallest bedroom so it can store better all my yarn, books, magazines, patterns, hooks, needles etc etc. I love it, only did it last night but its wonderful to have a little dediciated space to craft ... this may not last for long but while it does i will enjoy it!!

So last night I went from this ...

To this ...

And I have sorted my desk space so I have room to work ... also need to bring up my sewing machine and you never know I might actually get to use it ... rather than the couple times I have since I got it which was scaryingly 20 years ago ... gulp!!

And current projects ... I am finishing off the varsity jacket and satchel from 'Crochet for Bears to Wear', I will post a picture when its done and for fear of Mikey reading this I won't tell you what else I have done until he has safely recieved it!!

I am also ... trying ... to create the Crocheted Baby Converse by Loopysue for a colleagues new baby. First attempt didn't go so well mainly as I didn't ensure I had the right numbers of stitches I think ... but I do feel the best thing will be to start again ... and concentrate!!

My plans for other crafty things include looking at either crotatting or just plain old tatting, learning to knit and as I crochet I am thinking about the continental style rather than english ... I just need to find a very patient teacher for the knitting!!

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