Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Submission ...

The resubmission of the four squares has happened, and the results have been returned ... and I passed this submission ... yippppeeeee!! It is such a relief to know that I have got it, I have been a few tips on how to do the taller stitches which will be greatly appreciated for the up and coming quadruple treble!

This month has seen Remeberance Day and during one lunchtime, and after losing my poppy again, I decided to have a go at creating something myself ... and was so happy with the outcome ...

This is my little poppy for rememberance ... and I got some wonderful comments about it ... !

I am making good progress on a few crocheting projects that will be birthday/christmas presents ... I have begun crocheting a varsity jacket for a friends bear from 'Crochet for Bears to Wear' in Sirdar Snuggly 4-Ply. For this pattern I needed to measure the bear ... wow ... I am crocheting to size for a bear ... cute!!
Another project I am getting on with is the Morgana Shrug out of Inside Crochet which is coming along nicely if I say so myself ... I am doing this for my sis, but fancy one for myself and my friend Soo has requested one to so that is her birthday present sorted out ...

I am now about to start on the sleeve ribbing, the first time I have done ribbing and I had to firstly worked out what 'blo' meant ... which was pointed out to me was explained on the pattern as 'back loop only' ... then how do I do this ... after a few attempts I wasn't sure I was understanding it but thanks to Crochet Me and a handy little video on You tube I could relax I was doing ok!!


And finally progress on the Daisy Scarf ...

Just the ends to sew in ... I love it ... just hope B does too!

I am doing a lot of crochet in pink at the moment ... but that will all change with the iPad cover I am planning in gold and brown ... yummy ... and a tea cozy in orange ... well it is a brown teapot!

Oh and todays charity shop purchase ...

... I think next years Christmas presents will be doilys ... !!

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  1. Lots of lovely hooky projects on the go, they all look great to me :)


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