Friday, 20 July 2012

A spare half an hour ...

I have had the last couple of days off, I was meant to be going on a crochet weekend course (heaven!!) but unfortunately it was cancelled ... but it means I have two days to crochet at home!!


So ... a couple of weeks ago I brought a dress for my cousins wedding in just over a week ...

It's a vintage 1960's trapeze dress, and appears to be handmade, it feels absolutely wonderful on and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! This dress is so unlike me though ... usually I seek out black clothes, something so I can hide away ... yet this is colourful to the extreme!!!

I would like some jewellery to go with the dress and have been trying to decide what would go with it ... I have been thinking along the 60's theme and have been searching high and low ... but to no avail.

So ... I thought to myself why not make one ... so I did!!!

Its a pattern for crochet flowers by Lucy at Attic 24, I have created a brooch from the pattern before, it's so simple and easy to create ... and so effective!!

It is big for a ring ... nothing like making a statement!!!

I had previously brought another dress for the wedding, another vintage dress, a 1970's Maxi Dress, for which I planned to crochet a little bolero cardigan ...

 I wanted to do the 'Short and Sweet' bolero from Happy Hooker, I do love it, and am following the pattern, plus the corrections ... but ... its still not coming out right ... I think I thought I was bigger than I am ... so the sleeve join is half way down my arm and not resting nicely on my shoulder ... the body of the bolero isn't as long as it should be a the point I have gotten to ... which is okay as I still have lots more wool ... its just not gone well ...!!

I did think I could do another flower ring to go with this outfit ... but at the moment I am not liking the bolero ... so I may just unravel it and look for another pattern to do instead ... any recommendations?????

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