Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday, Monday ...

... but I want to talk about the weekend!! What a beautiful productive weekend it was!! I was meant to be attending a Crochet Weekend in the beautiful Craven Arms at Westhope Craft College, but the course had to be cancelled so I found myself with a free weekend ... heaven ... !! Although I was disappointed that the course wasn't on ... imagine a whole three days dedicated to crochet ... heaven!!!

I collect china trios as in old teacup, saucer and plate and my collection is slowing growing and I have wanted some where to display them and an excuse to create a crocheted shelf edging too. After much consideration of what I needed, and going so prepared (not!) I popped to Ikea and we found two picture ledges ... perfect! I am now considering keeping them the wood effect or painting them the colour of my kitchen walls ... oh decisions decisions!!

Me and him both purchased lots from Ikea we weren't planning on buying ... my list of essential purchases that I never knew I needed included ... a blackboard (how exciting I now need to buy some chalk!), two candles and candleholders, three metal flower pots ... and some bag clips!!!

The Ikea trip was followed by a visit to a local town ... where I had to pop into an Oxfam bookshop ... always a must!! Where to my delight I found ...

... a book full of inspiration for my diploma course ...

 ... sigh with crochet pleasure!

I have recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Elizabeth Bryant, a Master in Crochet and Cabin Lace and on Sunday I was fortunate enough to meet her in person. It was truly inspirational meeting Liz, and it was wonderful to see some of her crochet and hear a few of her tales, about what inspired her and her designs for cabin lace. It was wonderful to share my love of the craft, and her inspiration has meant that for my diploma I am looking at the history of crochet, and its tradition as an english craft ... one reason for visiting Gloucester Waterways Museum recently. She also very generously gave me a number of books and patterns which provide much isnpiration for my diploma.

I spent a little time on Sunday quietly journeying through delights each of these books and patterns held and I truly can't wait to have more time pondering!

And as a thank you to Liz ... Rosie found a wonderful new home ...

And as Sunday was such a beautiful day I did spend the afternoon pottering in the garden ... I did bring a bit of the garden with me, as I accidently cut the heads of two roses, but they have brought the sunshine inside ...

As for crochet projects, I have today purchased 17 balls of wool ... oh my ... I was inspired by Wigglestowers and am now planning either a granny stripe, granny square or ripple blanket!

The colours of the balls of wool are aspen,meadow, spring green, aster, cloud blue, turquoise, lavender, sherbet, wisteria, plum, magenta, clematis, shrimp, pomegranate, fondant, lipstick, saffron ... don't they sound absolutely delicious ... I am soooooo excited!!! And to make it even better my friend has suggested a crochet day on Sunday ... sigh with more crochet pleasure!!! Of course I will let you see progress on the blanket, and in case you become inspired as I was by Wiggles ... here is where you can buy ...

bye bye for now xx

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