Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Just popping by to say hello ... !! x

HELLO!!! x

I thought I would pop by its been so long ... and I have missed blogland so much!!

All in Mooland is well and full of colours and crafting ... but the working life of this little Miss Moo has taken over ... its so not fair that working life gets in the way of all this crafting fun!!

Rather exciting though this evening I am off for a little bit of dressmaking ... do you remember this the pattern I brought and this gorgeous red polka dot fabric ...

A friend has agreed to guide me through dressmaking so tonights lesson will be the cutting out a of a pattern ...

And so I will begin my dress ... how exciting!!

Speak soon!!

bye, bye


Oh and a P.S. ... thank you to all of you who have visited it is so lovely of you to pop by and do say a little hello as you visit I would love to hear from you!!


P.P.S. There is only one space left on my workshop on the 18th August!!



  1. Hi Mel, hope you're not working to hard... enjoy your stitching ~ Sarah x

  2. Do enjoy your sewing Mel - all the very best with it - a deep breath and relax into it!
    Joy x

  3. Was just thinking of you earlier - good to hear that all is well, but sorry that work is getting in the way of crafting...sigh :-(
    Have fun sewing tonight and looking forward to seeing the end result, I'm sure it will be fab!

  4. Mellie! I missed all of your July posts and just caught up this morning. Beautiful projects, interesting travels, and I especially loved the bouquet of flower photos you shared from your garden, your 1940's outfit, and Stonehenge WOW !
    My sister flew home a few weeks ago and is flying back this Saturday and we plan to drive from Oregon to Nebraska to visit her oldest daughter's family on their farm....over 3000 miles round trip!!!!!
    I hope you had a great sewing lesson and that you enjoy stitching your polka dot dress :)
    Gracie xx

  5. Enjoy your sewing I look forward to seeing the completeed dress.
    Clare x

  6. I know how you feel! My work often gets in the way of my crafting! Hope you enjoy your dressmaking.
    M x

  7. Hello Mellie

    I so agree with you work should definitely not get in the way of craftying. As much as I like my work it annoys me when I can't do my craftying because of it.

    Love that red and polka dot material so very right for a dress.
    I look forward to see pics of the finished item.

    I've a giveaway on the go if you have time to pop into my blog :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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