Friday, 19 July 2013

A wonder around the garden ... ! x


I am as grown up as I can be ... I have a grown up job and live in a grown up house ... 
but Mom and Dads house is still 'home'.

This week I have taken ... to quote my Dad ... 'a tour around the estate'.

Sounds grand doesn't it ... well after all it was the garden that sold the house to my parents!!

This time I thought I would share a few photos ... so forgive this post as its more photos than words!!

Geraniums are so pretty ... when I was growing up Mom and Dad grew lots of Geraniums ...

but I really don't like the smell of the leaves!!

Just a few flower pots!!

A Teasle.

Mmmmm ... raspberries and ice cream would be perfect in this weather!!

There is a story behind this Cricketer ... he was still living at my house when I moved in so one week when Mom and Dad were away for a holiday he moved to their house. Well, he has stayed, he must have known he was onto a good thing!!

Such wonderful colours in the garden at my other home!!

bye, bye



  1. How lovely to have the blessing of two homes - your mum & dad clearly have exceptionally green fingers :-)
    Thanks for the little tour around the Moo family estate!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Lovely photo's, home is always home no matter what age you are. Have a super weekend
    Clare x

  3. Pictures tell a thousand words. Great close up shots, Jo x

  4. Delightful pics, each and every one - I love the cricketer, I bet he enjoys that beautiful garden when all is still and quiet! The honeysuckle is so lovely sitting up there (or maybe its woodbine?) - anyway, when I was painting watercolours this was one of my subject matters, done in a stylised fashion, and your pretty picture really awakens memories of that time. Thank you!
    Lovely post, and how nice for you to have two places to call home!
    Great weekend to you!
    Joy x

  5. Gorgeous photos! yummm! raspberries ^_^ Oh! I like the little cricketer!! ^_^

  6. Such a beautiful garden! Those flowers are scrumdidliumptious - no wonder you still consider it your home.

  7. Lovely flower pics and such gorgeous colours. I just love your pretty flowers! Joan

  8. Oh, those raspberries looked so good.


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