Saturday, 29 October 2011

in the meantime ...

... its halloween ... well almost!

I just hope some trick and treaters come to take away the sweets I have brought ... ! Oh no its started raining ... better save the pumpkins from the elements ...!!

And on the crochet front I have completed 3 of the 4 samples I need to resubmit, the final square is the triple treble which I wasn't happy with so have undone it all and need to start again ... sigh ...!! The problem I am struggling with one the first attempt was the edges created by the turning chain, they are straight but within the sample its still creating big gaps ... I will have a second attempt and see what that brings I think. I am happy with the ones I have done and that included the double treble.

I have completed, and lined a little mobile phone case for my mom:

And so back to the final square ... x


  1. I love your Mobile phone case, the lining and the button are so cute. I am sure your Mom will love it :) Good luck with your samples....

  2. Dear Mellie, thank you so much for lovely Midsummer - we were delighted to bring Midsummer into our home and hearts. We don't know if the little bunny is a boy or girl. But we love him or her very much xxx Rach

  3. Hello Rach, thank you for the message, this is the first time I have heard from someone who has found one of my bunnies!!

    I hope Midsummer made you smile and will continue to do so.

    I hope you had a wonderful stay in the Gypsy Caravan, isn't it just lovely there!!


    1. Midsummer will always make us smile...the Gypsy Caravan was cosy and lovely, yes! Afterwards, Midsummer travelled with us to a Shepherds Hut in Wales and went camping in the Brecon Beacons. Your website has beautiful photos of crochet and other wonders found in life...forests, the little grim reaper xxRach


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