Saturday, 15 June 2013

On my camera ... ! x


Thank you so much for all your comments about the little bunny I made, I am leaving it till the last possible moment to wrap her up to give so I can admire her!!

This evening I have reclaimed my craft room ... which actually means I have tidied it up!

I hope you are sitting comfortably and so I will begin on my camera for May ... I hope you enjoy!!

At the start of the month my sister was home for the week, so I booked a day off work and a family day out was to be had and it was a glorious day!

A perfect blue sky!!

We spent the day at Berrington Hall near Leominster, built by Henry Holland with grounds by Capability Brown ... and is absolutely beautiful!

Here are a few pictures of the Hall ...

We explored the Hall on all of the many of the tours, from a sneek preview inside in the morning, the grounds and the servants quarters and then we went back into the home to take a leisurely stroll around the house!

The grounds were wonderful, stretching as far as the eye could see, and a lot of the landscape, the lake and the hills were man made ... !! That Capability Brown was a very clever man!!

I was going to a collage of the grounds at the front of the house ... but I thought I would choose my favourite that I took through a window from the upstairs in the house.

With the lambs in the distance ... ahhhhhh so cute!!

Inside the house we went from the luxury of the life style of the family to the comparisons in the servants quarters ...

Isn't the crockery just exquisite!

 And the butlers tray ... to coin a phrase from my Granddad ... 'pigging it' in style!!

Follow me now through a few of my favourite photos around the hall ...

I love that the National Trust pop thistles onto the seats they would prefer you don't sit on ... it oozes style!!

While we wondering around the hall I sneaked a family photo ...

All admiring the view from the window and creating a fabulous silhouette photo ... I love it!!!

And in one room my sister couldn't help herself ...

After the Hall we explored the servants quarters ...

The laundry ...

To the butlers quarters ...

I think I would have been a servant ... !

After lunch ... we ventured out to wonder around the grounds again ... 
The vegetable gardens ...

Treasure ... !! I can remember as a child when I found bits of crockery in our garden it was wonderful and really did feel like treasure!! 

The kind gardener took a family photo for us all sat on this seat!

Into the garden shed!

A seat for the gardener to admire their hard work!

And it was time to wind our way home after a fabulous day together.

The month of May passed in a whirl of memories and new experiences ... one of which was my first workshop, and that involved putting together my 'Guide to Crochet' ...

And the workshop itself which was fabulous, and I actually found myself enjoying it!

And now for some random photos from the rest of the month ...

Wonderful ... thank you for coming with me on a look through my photos from the month of May, I hope you enjoyed!!

bye, bye,



  1. Beautiful photos , it looks like a great day out , enjoyed by all

    1. Thank you Joan, it was a wonderful day! x


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