Friday, 7 June 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 22/52 ! x


 I am up early this morning and the sun is already shining so its going to be another glorious day!

My last week has been very crafty which is wonderful! I love it when all your thoughts are crafty ones, when you have lots of ideas of things to make all swimming around in your mind and you are just itching to get started. Or, the happiness of looking at a finished piece, the satisfaction in completing a project.

So my happiness from the last week ...

A completed project ... a baby bolero jacket in Sirdar Snuggly dk for a little girl I know. It is so soft and snuggly and this is the first ever item of baby clothing I have made ... so proud of little me! It has been blocked but only with a damp cloth over it and allowing it to dry naturally.

Two good reads ... and I have to recommend these books for a little light and most enjoyable reading. The books 'Divas Don't Knit' and 'Needles and Pearls' by Gil McNeil follow Jo Mackenzie as she makes a new start and takes over her Grandmothers wool shop in a seaside town.

I loved reading these books, they were fabulous and I am a little sad that they are finished ... but if you do ever come across them do pick them up and loose yourself in them!!

Gulp, a new project ... and a dressmaking one at that!! I took the plunge over a week ago and ordered a pattern, during the last week I collected it and brought this lovely fabric to make it!

The lady in the shop I brought it all was fabulous, she recommended that I buy the book Vogue Sewing ... and at Malvern Flea I found it for £1!! What bargain!! I will show you when I put together my 'On my Camera' post for May ... so much to show you from the last month I haven't already shared, you will need a cuppa when you sit down to read that post!!

She also said I could at any time take my dress into the shop if I needed help, bless her ... she may regret that offer ... !!

And a 'new to me' sewing machine! This is a little bit of a cheat as I have had this a couple of weeks already, but with buying the new pattern I am so excited to get started and thought I would show this off in this 52 Weeks of Happy!

I still have my old one ... which I had when I was 18 ... it was my great aunts (I think) before I had it and while its a wonderful machine ... its a little old and only does one or two stitches.

I had better have some breakfast now and think about going to work ... at least its Friday!! I will be back soon with 'On my Camera' and my 'May Mosaic'!!

bye, bye,



  1. Lovely craft happies there! I love the little cardigan, it's very sweet.
    M x

    1. Isn't it ... I have been wondering if I can increase the pattern ... to my size!! x

  2. Oh the cardigan is so sweet ... my mom calls those matinee jackets I have no idea why, unless of course baby is only to wear it during the afternoon. Such a pretty colour. Love the fabric too, can't resist a dotty print and how lovely of the lady in the shop to offer assistance it's a rare occurrence these days. Good luck with the stitching can't wait to see the finished product. Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah ... I need to build up the courage first to start laying out the pattern ... let alone cutting the material ready!! x

  3. Love seeing all your work.

    BTW, I went to a Ren. Faire a few weeks ago. A woman, who had knitted her own shaws and hats and the such was selling at a booth. I asked what type of wool she used, with my British accent. The woman spat out, "It's not wool. It's yarn." What? If you are gonna act like you are from the 15th Century England, you might want to get things straight.

    1. Oh bless her ... she is obviously very picky about not calling wool wool if it hasn't got any wool in it ... unlike the rest of us!

      Hope everyone is well across the pond, sending much love


  4. Such lovely happies! Looking forward to seeing your dotty dress all done too. Have a lovely week,

  5. that baby cardi is gorgeous! You must be chuffed to bits with that ^_^ ohh! Look forward to seeing your dress. That is going to be fab.


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