Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Solstice ... ! x


On Sunday morning I rose early and made my way with Soo and Zoe to Stonehedge to meet up with a collection of morris dancers to celebrate the summer solstice.

It was a rude awakening, the alarm went off at midnight after only a few hours sleep, thankfully I had sorted my morris kit out the night before. At a quarter to 1am the journey to Stonehenge began!

We pootled along winding our way along motorway, dual carriage way and country roads until we pulled up at our destination. We wondered which direction the stones were in, and whether we'd see them in the darkness ... then as we looked to our left across the road and through the fence there they were in all their glory! A truly fabulous sight ... and I was so very excited!!

At 4am the car park opened, and at 4.30am we were taken onto the site ... 

What a wonderful sight greeted us ... welcoming ...

We danced as we waited for dawn ... and a ritual began ...

The feelings I felt being in the circle, being close to the stones I can't do credit to in words ... it was truly breathtaking.

And the views were amazing!

The morris dancing began, there were five sides represented in total ... Beorma, Foxs, Wytchwood (me!), Stone the Crows and Blacktower

Pictures of the stones for you to wonder through ...

There is always time for photos ... Soo and Zoe ... in disguise!

When everyone dances with sticks ... we do need to know whose is whose ...

Phils mask ... adding to the atmosphere ...

The sun was hidden at dawn ... but it did break through the clouds for some wonder full photos ...

The crows ... the bird not the morris dancers little home among the stones ...

More photos ... do forgive me!

And here is a couple of little me ... posing and dancing ... 

I feel privileged to have been amongst the stones ... I was honoured to be there.

Such wonderful memories ...!


Oh and while I was at Stonehenge the rest of the side were at Teignmouth having an equally fabulous time ... do pop over to our drummers blog to read all about there trip


  1. Absolutely fabulous. So glad you had this opportunity. When did you switch from Foxs to Wytchwood, and is there a huge difference? Lots of love. Coby

  2. Fabulous blog Mellie that perfected puts into words how this wonderful gathering also made me feel...a real honour to have been part if it

  3. Thanks for sharing all these fab pics. I've never been to Stonehenge but it's on my list. Sounds like a fun outing.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday,

  4. Mellie how wonderful to be at Stonehenge and among the stones. What an amazing place and such fantastic pictures. I hope to go for solstice one of these years, it's on my bucket list. ~ Sarah x

  5. Hi Mel. It was so good to meet you yesterday. This insight into your visit to Stonehenge is amazing. I was telling my family about it last night - they were most impressed.

  6. How exciting thank you for sharing x

  7. You were able to go right up to the stones?
    That's amazing! It's been 20 years since I was there but when I visited they had it all roped off and you couldn't get near the stones.
    This looks like it was a great time!
    Tammy xx

  8. It looks absolutely amazing Mel!! Had a very happy time wandering through your beautiful photos ^_^


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