Sunday, 23 June 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 23 & 24/52 ... ! x

Hello, Its time to catch up and let you know what my happy things are from the last couple of weeks ...

There was a Hobbycraft session where I made bunting from Lucy's pattern at Attic 24

I love this bunting, Lucy is asking for help to make bunting for Yarndale.

The Race for Life run ... here's me in my trainers, with my number and much needed refreshments ...

All ready for the warm up ...

And I ran all the way ... so chuffed with me! My time was 36 minutes and ten seconds and I managed to maintain a steady pace all the way round!

A trip to the seaside for crochet galore!

Ribbons ... I couldn't resist these vintage feel ribbons ... I just need to decide what they will be used for!!

So very pretty!!

Mmmmmmmmmmm ... sweets!!

Its always satisfying to know that there is a jar full of sweets in the kitchen!

And do you remember this sample that I made at the crochet workshop?

Here is the book that the pattern came from ...

And the extract ... it was originally created for the edging to a cardigan

It is so good to look back at the weeks that have gone by, thank you for sharing them with me.

bye, bye,



  1. Well done Mellie, what a great cause, you did fabulously!

    Bunting very lovely too ...

    Claire xx

  2. Well done on your time in the Race for Life!

    Love your crochet, so pretty.


  3. Oh that reminds me, I said I'd sponsor you for the Race. Do you have a Just Giving page? Otherwise I'll give it to you on Sat? Well done, that's a great time. And lovely pics from your week, thanks for sharing them.

    1. I'll bring my form on Saturday ... thank you!! :o) xx

  4. Mellie! I have missed you since May 19th!!! I just got caught up on your posts and so enjoyed visiting. I wanted to comment on each one, ...beautiful pictures, and sites and projects! I'm so glad you had a good visit with your sister, and that you have had some great times with your fellow crafters...and by the ocean...and your dream caravan!!! I have been with my sisters during the last month in CA after the death of my oldest BIL who had a long good life. This Sat. my oldest sister and I are going to drive north to OR and she will stay for three weeks with me and fly home on the 19th. Both my sisters are cancer survivors of some years...bravo for you on your run!!! When I changed skeins on my shawl the middle of the skein came out in a clump that became a terrible tangle that both my sister and I have been trying to is sort of fun to puzzle it out, but think of all the crochet stitches I could have been doing!!!!!!!!! xx, Gracie :-)

    1. Sending big hugs to both you and your sister! Thank you for your comments, i love you visiting and I hope you have sorted out those tangles and are now crocheting away! xxxx

  5. Hello Mellie

    Very well done in the Race for Life!

    Oh! dear seeing your bunting reminds me I must get cracking with the bunting I want to do for Lucy. I mean I really must have my bits fluttering in the breeze over there in Yorkshire with everyone elses :-)
    Very much like the crochet sample ....they look like little pockets in a row.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Oh that would be fabulous a little bit of you at Yarndale! The sample does look like pockets doesn't it!! xx

  6. You've done your race for life ^_^ Brilliant. oohhh I do love that bunting! Another lovely week of happy ^_^

  7. I love the yarny triangles you have there, they look so cheerful! And well done for taking part in the race for life. I have done it 3 times so far in the past few years :)


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