Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Holidays ... ! x

Hello, I am on my holidays ... and what a week I have chosen for a 'staycation'!!

I thought I would share pictures from my week so far ...

Mr Moo and I took a walk along the river and to the poppy fields that are now gloriously in bloom ...

This field used to be a farmers field that has now a nature reserve and the poppies are natural, the seeds were dormant in the soil and are now allowed to grow each year.

Even though I live locally I have never visited and after reading Bunny Mummy's blog about her trip passed a poppy field I thought it was about time I ventured to this one.

A sunset view ...

So pretty ... 

My week has also been relaxing ...

And of course some crafty time ...

Knitting ... can you believe it!! I have practiced knit stitch and purl stitch ... and realised that they look exactly the same! So I progressed onto knit a row purl a row ... now I am thinking about doing a knit one purl one without matching the stitches initially but then will progress onto a rib.

(gosh ...I sound like I know what I am talking about!!)

 I thought I would have a go at this months free make with Mollie Makes! I will show you the finished item soon ... I only have one more fish to do!

Then there has been a drive out to Malvern and a wonder up the hills yesterday evening ...

The Herefordshire side of the hills.

And the Worcestershire side of the hills.

Which view do you prefer?

I was playing with my little point and shot, and this grass is at super macro!

We ventured uphill ... notice the colours aren't they beautiful!

And down hill ...

And as the sun began to set it was time to wind our way home ...

 But I couldn't help but stop on the way back to the car to take this photo of the wood on a bench we passed.

I will be back with more of my week off later ... so much planned and am looking forward to sharing!!

bye, bye,



  1. What a gorgeous week to take off work, lucky Mel. Those poppy fields are gorgeous and the knitting's looking good. I haven't been to the Malvern Hills for ages, it's about time we made a visit ... enjoy the rest of the week ~ Sarah x

  2. PS. My friend plays for Earlsdon Morris and Chinewrde Morris x

  3. What a week to take off work. We have been on top of those hills and the views are great. jo x

  4. You really did pick a fab week for your staycation! Those poppy fields are just so beautiful - where exactly are they? And of course, the Worcestershire view is my favourite ;-)
    Enjoy the rest of your week and have fun with the knitting.

  5. Wow, those poppy photos are stunning! All that red, so beautiful. You've got excellent weather for a break in the UK. x

  6. Beautiful pics - the poppies are absolutely gorgeous and so lovely to see in their natural state!
    I prefer the Worcestershire panorama - but both are just lovely -- and your (last) pic of the wood is exquisite!
    I'm pleased to hear you've been having good weather over there - enjoy the remainder of your time off!
    Joy x

  7. Gorgeous photos, that wild flower meadow is so stunning, I hope you are enjoying the rest of your staycation.
    Clare xx

  8. Looks like you've enjoyed your staycation. And that poppy field looks amazing!

  9. What a beautiful place! those poppies are amazing! Ohh! Knitting too! Very nice ^_^


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