Tuesday, 9 July 2013

On my Camera ... ! x

I am sharing a crafty look back at June.
There was the Hobbycraft session in the middle of the month ...
I took the theme of bunting with the request by Lucy at Attic 24 it seemed apt.

I love sewing in the ends, I always find it so satisfying to see the finished item ...

With talking to all the wonderful people visiting the store I managed to finish four flags ... I love the pattern and the end result.

Blocking the flags when I got home made them look even better ...

The only question now is can I part with them ... why is that for every project you do to give to someone else you end up wanting to make one for yourself!!

Then at the end of the month I had a 'Learn to Crochet' Workshop.

Cakes were made, 

and the teacups were set out in preparation ...

There back right is the cup that travelled to me from America sent to me by Becca at Hermits Nest, I love using it!

The table was laid ready ...

 And so at 10 o'clock Stephanie, Gill and Dawn arrived.

I had such a lovely time, Stephanie wanted to learn to crochet so she knew how to finish off her knitting with crochet edges. Gill made jewelry and had become inspired by crocheted jewelry and Dawn came along to give it a go!

Once again beautiful flowers were made ...

Stephanie's flower ...

I love the bow!

Gill's flower ...

 The colours are so beautiful!

And, Dawn's flower ...

Now Dawn had said she wasn't crafty ... well I think there is a crafty gene in there what do you think?

I even had time to make a flower ...

 A successful workshop!

My crafty June ... thank you for sharing it with me!

bye, bye,



  1. I love seeing what everyone has come up with, with the attic 24 granny bunting pattern, like you I liked it some much, I'm making some of my own for the Summerhouse, the little crocheted flowers are soo sweet too.
    Clare x

  2. I'd say there's a whole bunch of crafty genes there! Fab flowers, all of them.

  3. What a lovely sharing time - everything set out so nicely, and everyone producing such sweet results! Crafty genes all around I think!
    Joy x


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