Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Beginning ...

... of my time studying the International Diploma in Crochet. How do I feel scared, full of trepidation ... and this is despite having crocheted for years!! How can the prospect of crocheting my first five squares fill me with dread ... because I think this is the first time ever my crochet has been marked.

BUT ... I am excited, it is making me crochet squares something I have always promised myself that I will do to make me appreciate and understand the different types of stitches. Excited because of the prospects of teaching others (be warned!!) and designing my very own patterns!!

So I had better get hooking ... well I have already started three are done and I am half way through my fourth and then its onto the fifth and into the post they go!!

In the meantime my thoughts have strayed onto the history of crochet ... who came up with it, why and when ...!!

And in the meantime and simply for pleasure ...

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  1. You are very brave! I have had a rather haphazard way of learning crochet and knitting over the last 52 years or so. I admire your goal of completing the International Diploma in Crochet and look forward to reading your posts about your adventures :-)


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