Sunday, 16 October 2011

The results ...

... came back quicker in the post than I ever expected, I am amazed at the speed Pauline turned around the results of my first submission. I have to say a big thank you for that, and it does mean that I can get on with things ...

I do have to resubmit four of the five samples I sent through for assessment, but it is amazing what I have learnt already from this submission.
  • The foundation chain and first row ... for the first time ever in my crochet I have stopped and looked at which parts of the chain I need to pick up!
  • The turning chain ... and which stitch to select in a tension sample
  • The essentials of a tension sample is to "ensure all the edges are ruler straight" and how the above two techniques help to achieve this.
Paulines feedback was so positive too, I was pleased that my tension and understanding of the stitches is good, now I am aiming for that perfection!!!

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  1. Phew, your samples looked fantastic to me. Four out of five to repeat and you are taking it as a positive learning curve that is a great attitude. I am really considering jumping in with this course asap, but I am filled with trepidation. The Info Pauline has sent me is pretty basic I would love to see the 'Syllabus' in greater detail.


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