Sunday, 9 December 2012

A relaxing weekend ... x

Hello, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, mine has been fabulous!
It one of my friends birthdays this weekend which means Soo and I venture down to Bicester to see our close friend Mike ... and shop till we drop and be fed and watered extremely well!!
We have been to Bicester Shopping Village ... and dreamed of what we may buy if we ever win the lottery! Then onto Wyevale Garden Centre where there just happens to be Hobbycraft ... and so many purchases were made to add to those made the other week! I have managed to tick off a few presents on the list which was good too!
And of course ... there is always a little time for crochet ...

I have made a few more snowflakes, with the total now at 15 ... which maybe enough ... almost!!

While at Bicester Shopping Villages I was inspired by a snood in Jack Wills, at £70 even at a discounted price I couldn't justify buying it ... but I knew I could make it ... so after a taking a photo I skipped out the shop with another project on the list to do!!
The snood was constructed out of granny squares and was a total of 8 squares by 4 squares with an edging at the top and the bottom ...
And this is so perfectly timed ... as ... do you remember this ...
The Lucy Pack I brought from Masons Wool Shop ... well I have brought another pack for a few project ideas I have on the go and so I thought I could use some of this to make the snood!!
Which brings me nicely to another Christmas present for those crafters in your life ... specifically this time woolly crafters.
A Lucy Pack of wool!
Lucy refers to the wonderfully talented and colourful creator of all things crochet at Attic 24. Following her inspiration in the world of crochet an number of wool shops are now selling 'Lucy Packs of Wool' be it Stylecraft Special DK or Rico Yarn the colours are fabulous!
This could make such a simply satisfying present for any woolly crafters!
My snood is not going to contain any grey it will be a colourful creation, and thankfully in softer wool than the original was created in at Jack Wills ... it was much to itchy!!
I need to crochet!!
bye, bye

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