Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ideas ... ! x

Hello again,
To today has been truly lovely, I began with a mooch around the Christmas Craft Fair at the Museum and also the monthly Local Produce Fair in the town.
As ever, I walked into town down one of my favourite footpaths, there is a view over the town at one point that always takes my breath away.
The view unveils itself as you wonder down the foorpath ...

Until you see all the town stretched out before you, the museum is by the church and thats was where I was headed ... the mist is following the river.
The Local Produce Fair is wonderful, theres the butcher and the bakers ... and even the candlestick makers! Yes, really can I introduce you to Rebecca Harris she is a self taught woodturner and did what many of us dream about in our craft. She gave up a job to concentrate on woodturning which involved learning the craft to developing her own products which are beautiful!
From Rebecca today I brought a lovely little woodturned snowman for my tree ... you'll find him on the above link!
Then after speaking to Rebecca I wondered into the Museum and into the Copperpot which specialises in 18th Century food and a delightful shop. I had to try soem gingerbread which was made following an 18th Century recipe and was delicious ... Mmmmm! So I had to by the mix to make some myself!!

And after all that a coffee and a slice of yummy cake was needed.

May I now talk about the ideas I have ...

A friend and I would love our little town to have an identity we have Ludlow locally which is known for its food, Hay on Wye for its books and we think our little town could become a destination for its craft.

I would love to develop further what I do with my crochet I would love to share the craft with others and let its popularity grow and grow as has already begun.

I would love to teach crochet.

I would love to design my own crocheted creations.

I need to be more creative.

Initially there was a possibility of having a workshop in the Museum, but couldn't commit to the time needed to be at the Museum as I couldn't give up the day job ... !

Then the idea of a craft co-operative with other like minded woolly people was mused ... an idea I have found so very exciting.

Its now where do we go from here ... we are thinking of doing crochet workshops to see what enthusiasm is out there ... and who is out there already crafting in all things wool.

And there is then the craft stalls to promote a 'Made in Bewdley' brand ... which is why I recently brought the Lucy Pack from Masons.

It is all very much in its infancy, but feels so exciting ... and even though some people haven't seemed to enthuse about the idea as much as us ... we love the plan! And surely there must be others out there who would like to be involved in such an idea.

I don't want to make my millions from crochet, I am more than realistic about that ... I just want to share the love I have for woolly craft!

Or are we just a little crazy ...???



  1. Beautiful photographs and beautiful ideas...I think 2013 could get pretty exciting for you. xxx

  2. Great post! I share many of these thoughts! And the photos are beyond dreamy!


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