Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rainy days ... x

 after all the frost we have had this week we had rain this weekend ...
and I had a day off on Friday.

You can see the raindrops on the window ...

I see this as good luck if it had of been frosty I would have wanted to wrap up warm and venture out and take photos ... but with it raining I am focused on the task in hand and that is finishing off some Christmas pressies I am making!!

Unfortunately I can't share with you the finished product as the friend they are for reads my little blog, but I can show the photos of the work in progress ...

I love crochet ribbing so as soon as I saw this pattern included it I knew I had to do this one

And the shell pattern is amazing ... I so love this pattern ... Oh I wish I could show you the finished product ...!!

This morning I am off to have a mooch around the Christmas Craft Fair ... which I will share with you later today.

As well as pleasure there is another reason fot the trip to the Museum which I will share with you later too. Its all very exciting ... !! x

See you all later ... xxx


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