Sunday, 2 December 2012

Its beginning to feel a lot like ...

Hello, oh my its December ... and it is indeed beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!
The lights in my beautiful little town were switched on yesterday evening! It always amazes me how many people come out to watch the lights come on, the town is packed with people celebrating the start of the festive season!
I began my own little tradition last year, on 1st December I began reading Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' ... with the aim of finishing it for Christmas Day ... a perfect way to quietly start bringing in the festive season.
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I loved disappearing into the book during December last year and will picking the book up again this year.
Are you beginning, or have you begun to make any of your presents to give this Christmas?
I love making presents for my friends and family, one year I made bags and spent an enjoyable day finishing the presents off, sewing togther the crocheted bags, and adding embelishments of flowers and lining them too. My front roon was awash with flowers and bags, my chair was turned to the windown and in perfect position for the radiator so I was all snug and warm.  It was hard work but so much fun, and over the years I have made ponchos, scarves and brooches.
Then there are the questions about what would I like for Christmas ... this bit always makes me feel a little cheeky ... I still write a list so if anyone asks I will have an idea to give them, I love surprises don't get me wrong, but to be able to answer the question 'what would you like for Christmas?' a list always helps!
So ... firstly to my family and friends there is a list but you all know me so well too that I would love you to surprise me!!
Are you a crafter thinking of ideas for Christmas or do you know a crafter and are wondering what to buy ... while I will not promise to answer the question of what to buy I hope by sharing a few of my favourite things and ideas it may help you decide what to choose ... and it doesn't have to be expensive, gift wrapped beautifully it truly is the thought that counts!!
So may I start with the smallest but possibly the biggest gift you could give a crafter ...
One evening when I went to see my partner he had set up a night in front of a fire the crochet I keep there was out on the sofa and a glass of something lovely was waiting for me too.
I do pick up my crochet at his on a regular basis, be it a granny square or too, my grace shrug (that still continues to grow!) or some other project I have taken with me ... but on only a few occasions had I actually picked up the project I kept there.
So to arrive that evening to find it waiting for me, gave me the time to try it again ... and it was a most relaxing and successful evening, I got the pattern, I understood it and it was a perfect moment.
So, remember to always give your crafter a little time, arrange a special moment at home, set up the room perfectly around their favourite chair and a little drink whether that be a glass of something red, or a steaming hot chocolate in their favourite mug ...
... and it will tell them very simply how proud you are of their craft, their love of it and it will give them permission to relax for an evening.
So go on ... after Christmas surprise them with a little time ...
bye bye for now

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