Friday, 9 November 2012

Cosy nights in ... ! x

Hello I hope you are wrapped up warm and enjoying a cosy night in after a long week.
Wasn't it cold last night, for me there was only one thing to do ... and that was to cuddle up with the cats and crochet
Evans was curled up on my lap which does make crochet not as easy to do, but is all very lovely and warm on a cold November night.
I have recieved my last submission back from Pauline at Crochet Design. My quadruple trebles gained a 'Very Good' which is a relief! The triangle of trebles worked to point didn't fair as well. In her letter to me Pauline did say that the triangles included in the diploma are otherwise known as ...
"those ... dreaded triangles"
So at least I know its not only me struggling to complete them!!
I think I may concentrate on other samples before I go back to the "dreaded treble triangle"
Tonight is a well deserved night in. I have had the slow cooker going while I was at work and came home to the wonderful smells of slow cooked chicken and mushrooms with brown rice.
And I have created this evenings menu for his arrival here ...
And as its Friday it seemed a must that a nice chocolate pudding was also part of the menu
(but not homemade ... I'm not that good ... thank you Co-op!!!)
And of course a bottle of wine
A thank you gift from the Concert Band I play the flute with for my time as their Treasurer ... hic! The wine rack is too full to fit it ... so I'm afraid it just needs to be drunk!
And as its the weekend I have treated myself to a bunch of flowers as a reward for a long hard week.
And so thats my Friday evening ... and here is to the weekend, two glourious days to do whatever we wish to do.
Enjoys yours and see you all soon.
bye bye

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  1. What a lovely blog - hope you both enjoyed your meal...and pud...and wine!
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Big hugs
    Soo xxx


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