Sunday, 25 November 2012

Its snowing ... !! x

Hello, isn't the weather awful at the moment ... and no its not actually snowing where I am! Its only been snowing in crochet. The last couple of days I have had a bit of crochet time given to me and so I have been making snowflakes.
The snowflakes are going to be both on my tree when it goes up next month, and they will also be added to the presents I will give as part of the festive season.
Oh my, but hasn't it rained recently! It was so good this morning to get out of the house and venture around my beautiful town.
And while the rain can be so destructive, it can be so beautiful too. I love the reflections in these puddles.
Along the lanes you could see how big the puddles had got!
The oak tree had nearly lost all of its leaves, I love the structure of the branches as a child I used to draw trees drawing branches off branches to the smallest of twigs. It is something I want to do again ... to just sit down with my pad and pencils and just draw and lose myself.
Windfall apples

 In this little town you are never far from the countryside and that is why I love it so much here.

The river is up ... and so are the flood defences, much to relief of the residents, these are amazing they are just metal planks that slot one above the other! Magic!! It is a little surreal to walk along when the river is really high as it runs past you at shoulder height ... a little scary and amazing at the same time!!

And many taking the opportunity for a photograph!
And then it was the slow walk home ...
The reason for the crochet time ... is the dreaded lurgy!! I have been able to fight off a cold for the last couple of months, but one has crept up and got me so out comes the honey and lemons ...
Mmmmmmmmmm ...
... there are always advantages to having a cold and at night when I know I have nowhere else to go a drop of whiskey may find its way into my honey and lemon ... for medicinal purposes only of course!
And note the cup and saucer ... the dignified way to drink hot honey and lemon!
And so its all about relaxing for me for the rest of the day and so I decided to finish off Rosie Ragdoll
And also do a little reading ...
I have recently subscribed to 'Pretty Nostalgic' after reading about the magazine in blogland I purchased a copy recently ... and what delights I found within! It is an independent bi-monthly home and lifestyle magazine that focuses on vintage living and nostalgic values ... and is completely British, and celebrating all that is!
So, when I saw them at the Birmingham Festive Gift Fair I couldn't resist!! With the subscription I got the Pretty Nostalgic "Home" book.
And I thought I would share some of its delights ...

... and this is why we love to create beautiful things 

... I love this page there is so much pleasure for me here ... teacups and saucers, milk jugs and other delightful things.

Sigh ... dare I say it but I love this too, although I will probably keep to Thriftwoods plan for housework ... I may add a few things from here too!

Well I am definitely doing Christmas shopping at the moment, and I have started the making for presents thats on Decembers list ... and in December I may even write some letters.
And here are the Pretty Nostalgic rules ...
Live your life the best you can
Be yourself and don't follow fashions
Evaluate how you live
Try to live by traditional values
Spend some time making your house a home
Focus on family and friends
Work out what is important to you
Don't automatically buy what you think you need - slow down and think before you spend
Get out of the habit of doing what everyone else does
Appreciate what you can learn from the past. Just because something is old doesn't mean it isn't relevant today.
Appreciate what you already have
Treasure family items and heirlooms
Keep family traditions and rituals alive
Think about what makes you happy. What made you happy as a child - what are your fondest memories?
Break a few rules - eat pudding for starters if you fancy it, but appreciate and savour it.
Focus on life's simple pleasures
Get a new perspective on life

Oh, these are very me!! And maybe there are a few blog post subjects there too!!
Oh, and before I forget may I introduce you to Rosie Ragdoll ...

Sitting pride of place on my mantelpiece.
So its time I wish you all a good evening ... and keep warm!
bye, bye!



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  1. Hi Mellie,

    I'm Rae, the marketing assistant for Pretty Nostalgic. We're thrilled that you subscribed and like the book! I wondered if I could speak to you about your snowflakes - could you email me at

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