Sunday, 18 November 2012

Crafty Christmas Shopping ... !! x

Hello, what a beautiful day its been today. It was so frosty outside this morning, a very crisp day and the sun shone gloriously!
I ventured out on a run this morning ... I haven't been out all week as I felt so bad running last weekend I thought I would have a break. It paid I ran well, still walk run walk, but the walks of one and a half minutes broke up two minute and seven minute runs.
I did have to stop and take a picture of my favourite oak, it was caught in sunshine with frosty grass surrounding it ...

The rest of the morning was spent visiting the local Hobbycraft with Soo ... now this is a very dangerous shop to visit and was full as expected of glorious Christmassy things to tempt and delight!!
And so my shopping list of;
12" Cross Stitch Ring
34 x 34 Grey Aida
White Cotton DK
Extended to include those items that 'jumped' into ones basket of;
3 x cross stitch patterns for christmas cards
2 x Christmas Garlands
3 x Christmas Decorations
2 x Jam Jars
Make your own Christmas Crackers Kit
A set of tiny little pegs with wooden hearts on them
Fortunately they had £5 off if you spent £25 ... yippeeeee how well timed was that!!
Every year I like to make things for the Family, I always do special cross stitch cards for each of them, Christmas Crackers for the table with their own specially brought present and little Christmas Stockings filled with a chocolate for the Christmas table.
I feel a little more prepared to get these done in time ... but no doubt I will still me here on Christmas eve finishing them off!!
The cross stitch ring and aida are for a Christmas Pressie I am creating for a friend, I want to write a little saying in cross stitch ... something from Literature ... I just need to decide what ... Austen ... Shakespeare ... oh decisions!!
Oh PS they didn't have the size or colour of aida I wanted hence why its crossed out above.
And while I was there in some lovely fluffy pink wool I left a tiny bunny to be found by a fellow crafter ...
Please may I introduce you to "Petal".
I hope she found a good home!!
You should have seen me look for a quiet part of the wool aisle ... and then pop her on the shelf and then pretend I was taking pictures of the wool!!
Here's me making her last night ...

This afternoon has been housework, baking and cooking ... the smells coming from the kitchen are a delight!!
I have made my own Granola for breakfast ...
red pepper soup for lunches this week ...
and a carrot, walnut and fig cake ... yummy!!
(I just hope the more 'well done' bits don't detract from its taste)
I had better say bye bye for now and get on with some crafting!!
Soon I may need your thoughts on an crafty idea I have ... !


  1. How exciting, I love petal...if it was still opening hours I would race off and look for her. I love your cooking, now you have planned some meals more time for craft! I like your style.

  2. Im sure whoever found Petal will give her a kind and loving home!

    Hobbycraft and the Range are two places I try to keep away from as I have no willpower where craft supplies are concerned...


  3. oooooh which branch of hobbycraft is that, i must go now and queue outside until it opens in the morning lol,What a great thing to do, I love it, I visited York hobbycraft on the opening day , it was fabulous, love your oak photo and your cake looks yummy


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