Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday again ... ! x

the nights have drawn in and I am sat at home after a truly relaxing day! It was meant to start with a lie in, but the cats put paid to that ... you know when they are no longer happy to wait for their breakfast I could hear bangs and crashes from downstairs, Evans began grumbling as I think Prilly was picking on him a little judging by the bits of fur I found.
So I lasted till 8 o'clock in bed and then I got up to a beautiful frosty morning, this is what autumn is to me.
So I got dressed and first of all popped to the shops to get a Sunday paper and food for the moggies. I then dropped these purchases back home, grabbed my camera and ventured back out into the morning.
The frost looked so pretty on these leaves it seemed a crime not to record them ... naturally beautiful.
It was early enough that the sun was still rising so the shadows created were long ...
the photo above makes it look like I was walking a long dress, I was in more sensible walking attire ...

I love my Doc Martens, a total impulse purse a couple of years but they were worth every penny!! Note the BIG jumper too ... its huge but is so snug and warm and the perfect partner for a autumnal walk.
But these poor nettles weren't as snug and warm ... brrrrrr.
And so to frosty views ... and it looks as if in the distance the farmer has got the last of the hay in too.

While on my walk I went to take a photo of my favourite oak tree, I have decided to take this tree through the seasons as a way of recording the year.

But today there was a little poignant reminder of the day left, that it was so unexpected made even more thoughtful and touching.
The barbed wire seemed also a stark reminder of the war my Granddads fought in, and it made me stop and think for a little while and say thank you.
They added to the effort that made ourt lives what they are today, and for that I shall be always grateful to them.
And so on I ventured ... admiring the frosty morning.
A fence post.
My favourite tractor ... not mine obviously but one I admire for possibly drawing one day.

The sheep enjoying the sun ... but not the frosty grass!!
This local farm has a studio avaliable to all for Mellow Monday's I am sooooo tempted one day to book a day off work and book myself in ... I feel much in need of a Mellow Monday instead of the usual!!
Cobwebs ...
More frosty pictures ...
I love this leaf, I love the frost caught on the leaf ... sometimes my photos amaze me.
A simple fence post all frosted up!
What was meant to be a short walk, was filled with lots of photo taking, after which I headed home and to my yummy breakfast (nothing exciting just weetabix and hot milk but yummy all the same!!)
And the papers, every so often I indulge in one of the broadsheets knowing it will last me all week.
The perfect partner to my week of breakfasts!
And so that was just the start of my Sunday ... I will let you know more tomorrow.
bye bye!!


  1. Beautiful and atmospheric photos.

    What a great idea to track a tree through a year of photos - I think thats what I will do once my autumn views challenge comes to an end in a few weeks time.

    Now, which tree to choose,,,,


    1. Oh I am glad I have inspired ... perhaps thats something I could suggest others do too in the new year! Can't wait to see the seasonal photos of your tree!!


  2. Beautiful photography. I loved this blog post. Mellow Mondays sound perfect. Those cats need a stern talking to! xxx

    1. Ahhh thank you Lucy, I am definitely going to book in for a Mellow Monday!!



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