Monday, 12 November 2012

My weekend ... and chocolate buttons!! ... x

Hello again, I have to share more of my weekend ... but I am going to save the best bit to last!! I have already told you about my Sunday Morning so may we rewind back to Saturday ... and shopping!!

It was a trip to Malvern, as I knew which shops were there I wrote a list which would take me to The Knitting Parlour and Stitch 45 and obviously purchases were made in both!

So at Knitting Parlour the two balls of Rico Baby DK were purchased to make a Christmas present ... so no more will be said on that one until Christmas!! Although I am having fun as its crocheted on the round and the joins are slanting, so now I am thinking of adapting the pattern.

At Stitch 45 I brought the 3 bits of felt, the black is for the backing of my green man and the green and red are for making a few more different coloured autumnal leaves ... so my green man isn't going to be very green!! I am hoping to spend a bit of time on Sunday starting to create the leaves.

While in Malvern there was also an Arts and Crafts fair ... wonderful! I didn't have my camera with me to take pictures of all the delights I found ... but please trust me they were wonderful! The wicker basket contained a Christmas pressie purchased at the fair and does contain wonderful delights for the recipient ... but no more will be said about that either!!

Finally and by no means least there was the purchase of a butter knife ... for £1! Bargain!

Then to Sunday ... after my walk and taking pictures of the frost and autumnal colours (see yesterdays blog!). It amazed me how much colour was still around in my neighbours gardens, so I thought i woudl share again the colours in my garden thanks to the pansies ...

It was such a lovely day on Sunday ... sunny and frosty ... beautiful!!

Now if I may I will take you to the best bit ... and its one of those simple things in life ... lunch at Mom and Dads! Mom had created a feast and Lunch was delicious ... but the best bit was pudding, and it was the simplicity of this one that also brought back sooo many childhood memories.

 ... chocolate buttons and custard ...!

Mom and Dad had brought come chocolate buttons especially and were saving it for Christmas, but as my sister had especially requested custard for pudding on Sunday it seemed an opportune time to reveal the surprise. So the custard was duly made, we like it thick so the spoon will stand up, and out it was served into four bowls ... and then Mom headed towards the fridge. My sister and I thought we were having the chocolate swiss roll that was hiding inside ... but no out she brought three packets of chocolate buttons!!


Have you ever tried it? Its a must if your haven't, the chocolate melts and makes the custard all chocolately too, and it is sheer heaven!!




  1. I simply love your Butter Knife...I used to have one like that and they are great ...I so need a new one now! We always had Banana's and custard for pudding...chocolate buttons sound so much better...I will definitely be trying this recipe! xxx

    1. Oh yes banana custard I do love that ... but chocolate buttons are delicious!! Enjoy!! xx

  2. Hello Mellie

    I am your newest follower. I have just bloghopped over from Lucy in the sky's blog. I couldn't resist popping in after reading Lucy's shout out about you. I've done some Morris dancing in my distant past, down in Somerset where I'm from....quite a few light years ago though. My forte is crochet too but I divert sometimes and do cross-stitch or embroidery but I usually find a crochet hook back in my hand pretty soon after the diversion. Work stands in my way sometimes so I can't blog as much as I would like but I don't think I could keep myself away from it for very long.
    I'm now off back into your blog to read some more and to look for the blue rabbit Lucy mentioned in her blog

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. ahhhh found THE Blue why didn't I see him straight off he is in a rather prominent place there on the top of your page.......tch!

      A :-)

    2. Hello Amanda,

      Thank you for 'hopping' over from Lucy's blog its lovely to have you visit!!

      You should start a morris side in the Med ... !! Which side did you dance for?

      Mel xx

    3. West Somerset Morris
      Womens side but it was ages and ages ago and I wasn't there for long as I was in my stupid teens then and thought Morris dancing was silly!!! Grr! what I missed!!!

      A xx

  3. hiya, just found you from Lucys blog , what a great giveaway you held, love your wintery photos, its not been that cold up our end of the country (yorkshire), i've never heard of anyone doing a crochet diploma before and I'm so envious

    1. Hello Joan,

      Thank you for visiting and being a follower of my little blog!! As soon as I read about the diploma I couldn't resist ... look for Crochet Design and you will find all the details there.




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