Wednesday, 8 May 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 18/52! x

1. Easter presents ... and a catch up with  friends at the weekend.

2. A surprise parcel from the lovely Wendy of Ruffs Adventures Blog ... crochet fingerless mittens and tea as part of the Grand Tea Swap. This was so unexpected but a delight to find on my doorstep .... thank you Wendy!!!

3. A Yarn Bombing in my little town ... we now have a tree and a bike! I do feel the need to add flowers!

4. During a wonder around a local town Mr Moo and I discovered this little village ... I wonder who lives in these delightful little houses?

So many have asked about the houses, they were in West Malvern, we had decided to venture over to Malvern to make the most of the sunny evening. These houses were only tiny ... maybe (from memory!!) 5 inches tall. Here is an article in a local paper about them.

I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend with the sunshine warming us all after the winter!



  1. I love the knitted teddy! I had one like that when I was a wee girl!
    M x

  2. Loving the houses! Where is that?

  3. Lovely happy pics - I think that bicycle definitely needs some flowers ;-) Where are those little houses? So unique.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. Those houses are amazing. Are they real? They look all wonky and like they're about to fall down! And that yarn-bombed bike is brilliant. I wish someone would yarn bomb something where I live. x

  5. So glad you like them ☺ Just back from holiday so doing some catching up lol
    It is fun to surprise someone in another country xo

    1. And what a wonderful surprise it was!! Thank you!!! x


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