Sunday, 19 May 2013

A little bit of gardening ... ! x


I am have a little rest after spending a little time in the garden tidying it up ... it greatly needed it!

I awoke to the sun shining, and got up early to start before it got too warm, it was beautiful and wonderful to feel the warmth after all the grey skies and rain we have had, but this is what makes our beautiful country so green.

So thank you Mother Nature for that!!

Here are the before shots ... please don't judge too much!

I brought a few plants yesterday and so today these have done into the garden, I have chosen a few country garden classics.

And I need to scatter the seeds for Love in the Mist and Cornflower.

The seeds have been scattered randomly over a patch of ground, so it should be a good mix of both coming up in the next few weeks.

I have used bamboo sticks to protect the seeds from the cats ...

There is a Sweet William in the bottom right hand corner of the photo, a memory of a wonderful day out with the family.

I have weeded those weeds around the apple tree, the blossom is coming to an end which is sad, but the ground look as if confetti has been thrown which is beautiful too. Now, I have all those delicious apples to look forward to in the Autumn.

I used to know the apple variety ... but that memory has long gone ... how could I find out? Do I need to wait for the apples to arrive?

While I was weeding Prilly tricked me into picking her up ... when I was stood next too the bird table.


Onto the mowing now, the garden has been mowed since the winter left us ... not that you'd believe it all the rain has made it grow really quickly ...

Yes, it really is that bad (hanging my head in shame) ... or should I say it was ... look at it now!

The after shots ...

All I need to do now is get the summer chairs and table out on the decking, ready to sit at while drinking wine.

Do you think the shed needs a splash of colour ... I'm thinking blue! I have found these pictures courtesy of Google for some inspiration.

If only my shed was filled with wonderful delights rather than gardening tools!!

Mmmmm ... I'm going to have a well deserved afternoon nap me thinks so I can dream about a hideaway shed!

bye, bye, for now and I hope you are out enjoying the sun!!



  1. Your garden is lovely , both before and after , I would love a tree just for the blossom ,but I,m not allowed , naughty prilly

    1. Ahhh thank you Joan, you can share my tree and its blossom!! xxx

  2. Such a pretty garden. It's been sunny here to today so we've been gardening and fence painting. My shed is a beautiful sky blue ... Sarah x

    1. Wasn't it fabulous to have that bit of sun ... back to grey skies today! xxx

  3. Your garden is really nice. I like that first big spring clean in the garden, once it's done I feel set up for summer. What a good idea to put bamboo canes across the flower beds to deter the cats. x

  4. Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

    Oh, I just started following you by the way! Hope you come by my blog! Would love to know what you think about it, and maybe follow me back if you like it?

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  5. I have been playing in the garden too and agree that blue would be a wonderful splash of color....I have a sort of teal/french blue chair in my own that I planted out. such fun!

    1. Blue it is!! I love the idea of a chair too ... I have a bench in the garden so perhaps that should have the blue treatment too!! x

  6. Lovely garden - I bet you're going to have a great time enjoying it this summer :) Prilly is gorgeous <3 xx

    1. Yes, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the weather to sit outside in the evenings!!

      Prilly is gorgeous ... she is a little talker too, if only I knew what she was saying!!



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