Saturday, 18 May 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 19/52!! x


so many have asked about the houses in week 18 of 52 weeks of Happy, they were in West Malvern, we had decided to venture over to Malvern to make the most of the sunny evening. These houses were only tiny ... maybe (from memory!!) 5 inches tall. Here is an article in a local paper about them.

They were wonderful ... I love finding random pieces of art!

And so to this week of happy ... a little late as I have been away for work ... nothing exciting only a conference in Leeds!

First is my little apple tree ... in full blossom bloom!

Beautiful ... but don't look to closely to the ground as I need to do a little bit of weeding!!

Last week was the last class of my dressmaking course ... and here is a little ta-dah moment ...

It does fit ... and I have worn it. I am very proud of little me and now don't feel so scared of using a sewing machine. I have invested in a 'new to me' sewing machine that a friend was selling ... but more of that in next weeks of happy ... !!

I have finally sat down and written out the pattern for 'My Little Owl' ... yippeeeeee!!

I just need to type these up and do step by step photos and then I will be publishing it on my blog!

And, my final moment of happy ... was as I was on a roll with writing up 'My Little Owl' I created a design for a flower.

I made the one flower as I was working out the pattern and writing it down ... the second flower was to test the pattern.

What a sense of achievement!!

Thank you for sharing my happy moments of the last week!!

bye, bye for now!!



  1. Your apple tree is beautiful...and so many blossoms will hopefully produce a wonderful crop of apples! Our little apple tree crop looks promising this year. Bravo for your sewing and crocheting efforts! I am still plugging away on crocheting a shawl :-)
    Gracie xx

    1. I have had a nose at your shawl ... its beautiful!!! xxx

  2. Love the top you made, it's great, well done!
    M x

    1. Thank you, I am very proud of it ... and myself for making it!! xxx

  3. Very happy ^_^ Ohh! lovely patterns too! And the dress is brilliant! This post made me smile a lot ^_^

    1. Thank you!!! What I have received in the post this week made me smile ... thank you!!! I love the card too! It will be one of this weeks moments of happy!! xox


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