Sunday, 5 May 2013

On my Camera ... ! x

Hello again, I hope you are all well and enjoying the bank holiday weather ... we've had some of the sun and warmth that was promised!

April passed me by in a whirl, I have loved the April showers, although we do get lots of rain (I suppose that is what makes our beautiful country green!), but it has been wonderful to have had proper seasonal weather, do you agree?

Well April had ... Easter, snow, the sowing of seedlings, spring flowers coming into bloom, crochet, cups of tea, dressmaking, World Book Night, a Morris Dance Out, a Choir Concert, a few charity shop finds and of course more crochet.

So, as we wave April goodbye here are a few of those photos I have taken that I would like to share with you.

An early morning walk over a snowy weekend. I love getting up early and walking in the world before its fully awake.

All wrapped up and ready for my walk

April brought the first dance out for the Wytches ...

I have to be honest this dance out was hardwork, although still good fun at the same time, it felt wonderful to be out dancing.

Although the majority of Border Morris Dances are performed with sticks, there are a few hankie dances included, the one above is Pershore Hanky.

Oh and can I introduce the newest member of the Wytchwood side ...

Meet Whitby!

The Choir Concert ... Mom and Dad are in one of the choirs that were performing on this evening. I love going along and supporting them ... and singing along too!

And as its Spring ...

Flowers in my garden! And one inside the Amaryllis that my Nan gave me is blooming ...


I hope your April was full of adventures too, and brought lots of smiles and memories!

by, bye for now!


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25th May!


  1. Welcome Whitby what a sweetie... Loving those little white flowers... what are they ?? Cx

  2. Dancing and singing and SPRINGING...isn't it wonderful, Mellie!?! xx, Gracie

  3. Oh! Hello Whitby! What an angel. Loved this post! Gorgeous photos.
    Hope your May is filled with marvellous things too.


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