Saturday, 25 May 2013

A new venture ... ! x

Hello, what a glorious day its been the sun has shone here, I hope it has for you too!!

Yesterday I spent the day preparing ... cleaning, baking cakes, preparing the yarn, hooks and all the other little bits I needed.

Today was the first day for me in a new venture.

Today I began teaching crochet ... what an experience, and what an absolute pleasure it was too!

Today the morning started early and the final little things that needed to be done were completed.

I brought this little table a while ago to prettify up with a bit of paint and fabric, but while its a project in waiting I think it served me well in today's class. 

I prepared the table for the workshop with the hooks, stitch markers, felt circles and brooch backs ... and of course the 'Learn to Crochet Guide' I have written along with my flower pattern.

I also gave them all one of my little owls as a momento of the workshop.

And so I was ready ... nervous ... but ready!

At 10 o'clock sharp Alison, Helen, Row and Kay arrived and the kettle was put on and the tea, coffee and cakes were served.

We had our priorities right me thinks!!

Then we got down to the crocheting and began with the basics ...

How to hold the hook and the yarn, and before they knew it we were creating a chain and doing a double crochet!

Gradually we moved onto how to do a half treble to get used to the 'yarn around hook' which made the treble not seem as scary! 

They all created a sample of all the stitches, practicing the turning and understanding turning chains.

The clock struck 12, the tea and coffee was freshen and served and on we moved to the flower.

They all decided on the yarn they wanted to use to create their flowers, the pattern was talked through and followed.

Gradually their very own flower brooches were created.

And, they agreed that I could take photos of them all to share ... and show off!!

First we have Kay's flower ...

Isn't it beautiful, I love the buttons!
Then Alison's flower ...

I love the colours ... as soon as she finished it she pinned the brooch onto her top!

And then Row's finished flower ...

Isn't it wonderful!! So pretty!!

And finally, but by no means least we have Helen's flower ...

The colours are so playful ... this is such a fun flower!

I am so proud of what they all achieved, may I thank them all for joining me on my first workshop. I had a fabulous morning, they were all such good company and we laughed and chatted, it was very relaxing!

It was a wonderful experience!!

After thy left I took one last photo ...

A creative mess ... the perfect end to a fabulous morning!!

Thank you!!
bye, bye,



  1. Now that sounds like my kind of workshop! Looks like fun, and well done to all - the flowers are all lovely.
    Have a happy Sunday - looks like the sun is staying for the weekend...yay :-)

    1. The sun is shining today ... how fabulous! i am sat in my conservatory eating my breakfast!! I am looking forward to finding out the plans for our Midlands get together!! xx

  2. Thanks for a lovely morning and for showing me how to hold the yarn properly and turn! We went to Notions afterwards and I'm now turning some fabulous Green King Cole DK into a huge granny square!:-)

    best wishes,
    Alison xx

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop too! I am so glad I was able to help guide you through the art of crochet! Good luck with the granny square I am sure it will be fabulous!!! xxx

  3. So glad your workshop went well. You must be a great teacher - all the crochet flowers look great!
    M x

    1. I think I had very good pupils too ... they seemed to take to it really quickly ... the flowers are fabulous I am so proud!! xx

  4. Well done on your first ever workshop it looks like everyone had a wonderful time and you obviously taught them well with such lovely results ... Sarah x

    1. It was a lovely morning, I enjoyed every moment! xx

  5. Oh wow, how exciting!! I didn't know you were teaching crochet. When I learnt to crochet there were about 12 of us. To be honest, it was too many and I was definitely the needy one wanting lots of help! I still don't really understand turning crochet and working in rows if I'm honest. Your students have produced some wonderful brooches. x

    1. Oh my 12!!! that would be too many, I am keeping my workshops to just four people so I can give everyone the attention and help they deserve. It wouldn't be as much fun either with more than four, it felt more like a group of friends having a social and learning crochet as a bonus! xx

  6. Oh it looks like you had a wonderful time, I don't know if I could teach crochet! :) All the flowers are lovely!

    1. I am sure you could Hazel, you love crochet and produce some wonderful things!! xx

  7. Brilliant Mel! I am so happy for you. I would love to come to one of your workshops! it looks amazing. I especially love your cups and saucers! Beautiful flowers created by everyone.

    1. Well if you are ever in the Midlands we will have to have some crochet time together in a suitable tea room me thinks!! xxx


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