Tuesday, 30 April 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 17/52! x

Welcome to my happy moments of the last week ...

Charity shop finds ... a lovely vase for my hall table and a wonderful bit of my childhood ... and Enid Blyton Classic!!

A delicious feast for Mr Moo and I ... a bolognese bake from BBC Good Food do give it a go!! I reduced the ingredients in two and there was still enough for dinner on Friday night and lunch on Saturday! 

Nom, nom!!

The apple blossom is about to burst through ... 
I am sooo excited as there was none on this tree last year!

And a 'Ta-dah' moment, my wash cloths ... they go so perfectly with the decor of my bathroom!

I am not sure they will ever be used, they seem too posh.

The pattern is Melanie Galloway's from Cosy Living, this pattern was in Issue 40 of Inside Crochet.

What a fabulous week ... and the next one is looking like it will be a happy one too!!

bye, bye for now!!



  1. Love the wash cloths lovely blues :)

  2. Absolutely too posh to wash with - beautiful! Jane x

  3. The Twins at St Clare's was one of my favourites too! That bolognaise bake looks delicious and your blue washcloths are just so lovely!
    Enjoy the rest of your week,

  4. Love the wash cloths such pretty shades of blue .. Sarah x

  5. I loved Enid Blyton too! I really like your wash cloths, they are so pretty.
    M x

  6. I love seeing your 52 weeks of happy ^_^

  7. Thanks for posting, Mellie! I love seeing what you are interested in, and especially love your photo of your apple blossoms! I just posted a photo of our lilac bush....I brought a few blooms into my room ~~~~ahhh~~~ The wash cloths are beautiful, indeed!!!
    Wishing you happy days :-)


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