Monday, 11 February 2013

A day indoors ... ! x


Oh my didn't it rain yesterday ... and this morning we woke to snow!!
As Mr Moo was poorly Saturday involved band practice and packaging up and sending off my parcel for the All4meggymoo I love Hearts swap ... I will share the items I sent next weekend so its doesn't spoil my swap partners surprise ... but here it is all parceled up and ready to go!!
I will also tell you about the box I sent it in too!!

Saturday also brought some exciting news ... but I will tell you about that later ...!!

Under the influence of 'Granny Chic' I have upcycled an Ikea chair.

The chair has been painted egg shell white which I have to say has transformed it!! I have drapped over it one of the tray cloths I brought in Hay last weekend and added to the seat a crochet doily I brought at the last Malvern Flea Market I went too ...

Its in my hall at the moment, and I am umming and ahhing about commiting to the doily and gluing it on and then varnishing the seat ... what do you think?

Well, onto my day in yesterday, in the morning I tidied the house from top to bottom still under the guidance of the fabulous tips from Thriftwood

Then my reward was a cuppa made with proper tea leaves ... Mr Moo brought me a tea strainer for my birthday so it was about time it was put to use!!

And was the cuppa was brewed it was down to some crochet time! From my stash I selected a few balls of wool to make a few things for the next swaps I am partaking in ...

Bobo Bun's Four Happy Things where I am swap partner with Lucey from Lemonade Kitty


The 'We Love Lucy' Simple Pleasures where I am swap partner with Becca from A Hermits Wish

I will share my creations when they are recieved ... I am so excited by them and am enjoying making and finding things for their parcels ... !!!

Sunday afternoon also allowed a little time for some Lego building!

Another birthday present ... I love Lego!! This time last year I was building the Lego VW Camper Van ... this was slightly quicker to build!!

And then onto some exciting news ... have you wondered into a Hobbycraft recently? Have you seen the posts asking if you do a craft would you be interested in demonstrating your craft?

Well, guess what ... I said I did ... and I said I would ... and now I am!!

I took my basket of crocheted goodies into my local Hobbycraft at the weekend to show off my crocheting skills ... they then booked a slot for me to demonstrate ... how exciting and scary all at the same time!!

I took with my ... my grace shrug, granny stripe blanket, the granny squares for my summer shrug, my pineapple shrug, a flower crochet picture I had made, my owls ... they seemed to like them!!

I now have to create some posters to advertise my demonstration, and some cards and maybe a few bits to sell too!!


bye, bye



  1. I think staying in yesterday was a good idea...Foxs danced at Cheltenham Folk was so wet and cold..tho we managed to shelter and dance under the canopy of Town Hall and a good time was had...the hot chocolate helped!!
    Hope Mr Moo is getting better...give him a hug from me x
    AND pleeeeeeze tell me when ur at Hobbycraft as I will come along for moral support :0) xxx

  2. That sounds like a lovely weekend - hope Mr Moo is better soon though.
    And well done on the Hobbycraft thing - that's fab and I'm sure you'll have fun.
    Happy Monday,

  3. Mellie, I have a huge basket half full of Lego blocks left from my children and ready for the grandchildren to enjoy, or you, should you come across the pond for a visit =)

    I am excited that you will soon be demonstrating crocheting at Hobbycraft, and hope you will take some pics on the day to share with us.

    Could that wonderful heart print material be headed to me????? I am going to check out the blogs you linked to as well to meet some Blog Folk new to me. Thanks for the introductions!

    I'm wishing you and Mr. Moo an happy HEALTHY week =)

  4. What a fun post! I love Legos too! What a colorful fun basket of joy! Yay for hooky time! :)


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