Saturday, 9 February 2013

A trip to Hay on Wye ...! x

Today has been a drizzly day ...
Mr Moo is feeling ill the poor thing has full blown flu ... !

So ... I want to take you back to a week ago and a sunny but cold day spent by the two of us in wonderful Hay on Wye.

This has to be one of my most favourite places ... with books, antiques, books, wool shops, books, coffee shops, books, beautiful countryside and books ... heaven on earth!! 

And so a little bit of the day was spent mooching in one of my favourite bookshops in the town ... Booths.
Inside there are aisles of delight and promise of finds to be discovered ...

And comfy seats to sit and ponder your possible purchases ...

... but with oh so many books to choose from ...

Oh decisions ... !!!

It was wonderful to discover a yarn bombing as we were wondering around Hay ... Mr Moo wondered for a moment what had gotten me so excited ... wool of course!!

So here is a blog hop to the yarn craft revival blog ... there were so many others ... I was even in the Granary and didn't see one there ... of course they may have moved on by know but I am glad I found the one I did ... it made me smile.

And so to my purchases ... yes of course there were books and other bits that tempted me ...

tray cloths to get the granny chic treatment ...

A pair of 1940's crocheted gloves ...

And a crochet pattern book which I couldn't resist ...

And of course a couple of books were purchased ...

Meaning that the 'to read list' gets ever bigger!!

Now, for something that has been Granny Chic'ed ... 

For Morris we have to add to the back of the waistcoat that is part of the kit something created in a circle that represents something about us. I had thought about creating a Green Man ... but inspiration hit me on the way to Hay ... why not something to do with crochet.

And so a crocheted doily was purchased and last Saturday evening was spent sewing the doily onto felt and then onto the back of the waistcoat and I have to say it looks better than I could have ever hoped for.

So here is the doily ... close up!

and my waistcoat ...

So, if you ever see a Morris Dancer with a crochet doily on the back of her waistcoat ... 
it may be me!!

What a day full of wonderful memories spent with Mr Moo just mooching! 

bye, bye,



  1. Poor Mr Moo, hope he is feeling better very soon x
    and your waistcoat looks amazing...very you :0)
    Another most enjoyable blog xxx

  2. Hi Mellie Moo, so glad you spotted one of my bombs and commented on my blog, I hook to make people smile :-D There are several others around town still, but you really have to look hard for some of them. Many go home with people which I love. Glad you enjoyed our lovely town, try visiting in May when the literary and philosophical festivals are on !


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