Friday, 1 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy ... 4/52! x

Hello, and welcome to a look back at my week.

1. In the post I received a picture from my dear cousin Coby, inspired from the photo I posted previously on my little blog.

2. Going back to band practice after the Christmas break. There were a few wrong notes but good fun none the less. The photo wasn't taken at the practice ... but this is one of the pieces we are playing.

3. Time with the family at the weekend! My sis was trying to take the photo while being in it ... we did ask someone else to take it in the end ... but I do like this one!

4. More daffodils ... this may seem a regular one I share ... but I do love them!!

What a super week ... and this only takes me upto Tuesday and soooo much has happened during the rest of the week.

See you all soon,

bye, bye


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