Thursday, 7 February 2013

A day for me ... ! x

Friday was my birthday and I had a day for me to do what I wanted and so I took myself to Worcester to explore!

I used to live in the city by the canal ...

And after having a mooch around a few shops I took a wonder down streets I hadn't previously ventured ...

And saw some lovely sights to photograph ...

Through the gate at the Almshouses ...

The Almshouses gardens ...

And down an avenue ...

I truly enjoyed my adventures and loved having time to explore, it may have only been for a little while but to wonder and discover areas that I had often wondered about was so enjoyable.

After my wandering around Worcester I ventured to a Garden Centre for lunch ... it was great to do a little bit of people watching!

And to remember the start to a lovely day ... a beautiful Gerbera to sit on my dining table in a new purple flowerpot!

Oh, there were a few pennies spent in Hobbycraft too ... but they are for a swap so won't share these till later ... !!

bye bye



  1. Happy birthday! looks likes you had a perfect day :)


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