Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Yippppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! x

I am so excited ... I returned home to day to two parcels ... yes two!!
One was from the fabulous Gracie at One Saylors Log my swap partner for the All4meggiemoo I Love Hearts Swap!!
Its a fabulous parcel of goodies ... but I will share all with you tomorrow as I want to take some photos to show it all off to you!
The other parcel was the return of my last submission as part of the International Diploma in Crochet. I am so proud of myself ...

 These were the three samples I submitted in the order of top, left and right ...

A heavily textured crochet fabric for this I used a popcorn stitch ... and I recieved a 'Very good indeed'

A stitch pattern to include a shell pattern ... and I recieved another 'Very good indeed'

and finally ...

A piece of crochet in Chevrons ... for which I recieved a 'Very good'

I was a little concerned about this submission as for the popcorn and chevrons samples I had to increase the size as they weren't square. I explained this in the letter I always send with my submissions ... and was keeping my fingers crossed I wouldn't have to resubmit them, although I would understand if I did!

But, I worried for no reason and I am soooo proud of me!!
I need to do my next few samples before the end of the month ... as per my schedule!!

bye bye



  1. Well done ,you should be so proud of yourself , good luck with the rest of your diploma ,it's good to return home to find you have a surprise waiting for you

  2. Bravo, Mel!!! I have not tried those patterns, accept for the chevron, and am inspired to keep learning as I look at your good work.


    ps. so glad you received one of the parcels :-)

  3. Hi me again , just read that you are going to yarn dale , so am I ,,wouldn't it be fun to create a list of all bloggers who are going there , and hopefully to meet up

  4. Well done you! You have every reason to be proud :-)

  5. Just been reading through your last few posts and I see you're a morris dancer!! How wonderful, I've not seen a lady dancer before just men so if ever I see a lovely croched doily on the back of a waistcoat I'll know it's you!!I might just have to look on good old e bay for that ladybird knitting book as I've not seen that before and I love the chair, If I were you I'd glue on that gorgeous doily quickly before I changed my mind!! Looking forward to the swap only one more thing to get and I'm ready to post, Lucey x


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