Monday, 25 February 2013

Getting ready ... ! x

This weekend was spent preparing for my Crochet Demonstration at Hobbycraft.

So I put together a hand drawn poster to advertise the event ...

I hope it doesn't look too homemade ... but I suppose that's also the crafty point!!

And as you can see I also got a few business cards done ... thanks to those people that advertise 500 cards for free!!

I spent time writing the time and the date of the event on the back of the cards so customers could take one away as a reminder.

Then for the wool aisle in Hobbycraft I also made a smaller poster;

See I can also see how many business cards were taken too!

I have asked a colleague who is intersted in learning to crochet ... so I know I have one person to show!

The set up is going to be a few chairs with lots of wool and things around to tempt customers to sit and have a go!

I thought I would make a few of my tiny owls to take along ...

I have made 17 and will put them together during the week!!

Above are the owl's bodies.

Their eyes and tummies.

And buttons for the centres of their eyes!

So, I will spend the rest of the week busying myself in preparation ... and keeping my fingers crossed it all goes ok!

And if you are visiting after picking up a business card 'hello' and please do come along next week it will be lovely to see you, and please do feel free to pick up a hook and have ago!!!

bye, bye!



  1. I wish I lived near you ...I'd definitely be there!

    Have fun ...

    Love Claire xx

  2. How much fun! I love crochet toys and critters AND owls! You should have a great time! :)

  3. I love the poster. And all of those lovely little owls! I hope you have a brilliant day.

  4. Well done!!! You look well prepared for a great day, Mellie! I hung up the hearts you sent me where I can enjoy seeing them every day. I finished the last pot of tea from what you sent me and enjoyed each variety. Thank you again!

  5. I saw you today as I shopped for some wool. Think it's a great idea! Are you there again? It would be lovely to have a crochet group who meet up for crochet and cake!!!


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